Xbox Series S: How To Use It As An Emulator

Check out this guide to know how you can use your Xbox Series S as an Emulator.

An Xbox Series S is a really great deal for $300 as they are kind enough to provide the users with a developer kit. The Developer mode enables the Xbox to run UWP clients such as RetroArch. RetroArch is a program that makes emulation on an Xbox device really easy. Moreover, it is not illegal and Microsoft won’t ban your account while emulating on an Xbox. Here’s how you can use an Xbox Series S as an emulator.

How to Use an Xbox Series S as an Emulator

Thanks to the Edge web browser available on Xbox that makes all of this possible. Furthermore, RetroArch is a program that can emulate almost every console ever made on both Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One Series. Follow these steps to use the Xbox as an emulator box:

How to Enable Dev Mode
How to use Xbox Series S as an Emulator

Here’s how you can enable Developer mode on Xbox:

  1. Go to your Xbox dashboard and search Xbox Dev Mode and get it. Install it on the console. After the installation completes, head over to the apps section and open Dev Mode. Read the instructions and click on Next until you see an activation code on the screen.
  2. Now take another PC and enter the URL shown on the activation code page. It will redirect you to Microsoft’s Partner page where you have to sign up and enter your Microsoft accounts information and click on Finish. It will cost you around $20 but that is totally worth it.
  3. Now, open another tab and enter the same URL again, however, this time it will redirect you to an Xbox management screen. Click on the ‘+’ icon on the right. Select Enter Activation Code from the drop-down menu. Enter the code shown on your Xbox and submit it. In case the code expires, go to the console and click on Get New Code and enter it on the PC. The activation process will now begin on the Xbox.
  4. Restart your Xbox to enter the developer mode. If you are using WiFi then go to the setting to connect your device to the internet again. Go to the Remote Access Settings and set up a new username and Password under the Authentication tab.
  5. Now open an internet browser on your PC and download RetroArch for Xbox. In a new tab, enter the IP address shown on the Remote Access tab in your console. Enter the username and password that you set up in the Authentication tab.

How to Use RetroArch as an Emulator on Xbox
How to use Xbox Series S as an Emulator

Followed by the above steps, here’s how to download RetroArch:

  1. Your Xbox device portal will now be displayed on the screen. Click on Add option under My games & apps. Click on choose file and add RetroArch to the list. It will take a few minutes for the installation process to complete. After the completion, RetroArch is now available on your Xbox.
  2. Launch the RetroArch app and complete a one-time sign-in with your Microsoft account. Click on Online Updater under the Main Menu tab. There you can update the Core Files, Assets, Controller Profiles, Cheats, Databases, Overlays, and Slang Shaders.
  3. Enter Settings and click on Drivers. Now, click on Menu and select xmb or any other one you like. Go back to the Main Menu and click on Configuration File. Click on Save Current Configuration and relaunch the app.
  4. Now go back to your PC and click on the File Explorer option. Click on the Browse option on the right and copy the code given at the bottom of the browse window.
  5. Open Command Prompt and paste the copied code and hit enter. In the browse window, there will be a file address given, open that location on your PC.
  6. After you enter that location, click on the Windows Apps and open the RetroArch folder with an ‘x64’ mentioned in the folder name. Make folders by the name Games, System, Config, Saves, States, Playlists, and Thumbnails inside that folder.
  7. Download game bios from the internet and move them to the System folder as shown in the above step to play the games.
  8. You can use this Youtube video for visual understanding.

That’s all you should know about how to use an Xbox Series S as an Emulator. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide on Best Emulators for PC.