Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Get Nia

Nia is a must-have character in your team when fighting tough enemies, she is the strongest of the healer classes.

The Queen of Agnus, Nia, is a must-have character in Xenoblade: Chronicles 3. She is an unplayable character in the first playthrough of your story, in order to play her you need to complete the game once. She is a gifted healer and every Xenoblade Fan desires to have her on their team to increase her strength, effectiveness, and healing attributes.

How to Unlock Nia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade chronicles how to get nia
Image Source: FP Good Game on Youtube.

To unlock Nia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, beat the game once, go to the Upper Aetia Region and return to the Hall of Serene. This Quest can be found with a golden mark or a ? mark on the map, once you reach the designated location. Complete the quest and you have unlocked Nia as a healer. Now, explore the world of Xenoblade 3 with Nia beside you, competing against enemies she regenerates all allies in an AoE. Having a health booster in your team is always an added advantage to all teammates in-game.

Unlocking Nia means unlocking more new content for you to proceed but first complete the game’s storyline. After defeating the final boss, when you start to reminiscence the memories of you playing Xenoblade, you can still play and enjoy more content by recruiting Nia, more quests to complete, and access to Nia’s memories when they travel with her exploring the world.

How to Use Nia

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 How to Get Nia
Image Source: Joy Happiness on Youtube.

Nia’s role is that of a healer, she reactivates all characters except herself when the Hero completes an order. Her abilities are that she also boosts damage dealt by 60% when HP is 80% or lower known as “Instant Regen“, and when she uses her “Enhanced Cellular Stimulus” where she boosts damage by 25% for every enemy in battle (max 200%). In-game when in combat her combat Arts are Redeeming Bloom – Regenerating all allies in an AoE, Saber Slash – When the art hits, a maximum of 1005 of the healing power to all nearby allies, and Hydroblast in which Nia has a 30% chance of ignoring enemy defenses when attacking.

In a nutshell, she can keep your entire’s team health boosted and also revive fallen teammates which is an enormous advantage in-game. Nia can also be the muscle of the team to tear down defenses of almost any enemy you encounter. For the second gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Nia’s abilities can help you in the playthrough as you will find most of the enemies tougher than the last time you fought them.