How To Use Zip Lines In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

In order to use the Zip lines you need to complete a certain quest.

In Xenoblade Chronicles, 3 zip lines help players to reach from point A to point B quickly, and these zip lines go upward as well as in a downward direction. From climbing walls to crossing rivers zip lines have helped players save time and reach their destination quickly and efficiently.

How to Use Zip Lines in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 how to use zip lines
Image source: Release-Fire on Youtube.

Firstly, you need to meet the character Juniper who is far ahead of the main story, so you need to progress further till you meet Juniper and help them in their quest. After you successfully completed the quest you unlock the ability to use a zip line. For that, you need to reach Chapter 3 which will take you an hour or so, where you recruit a new character Juniper. Where you learn new skills and unlock a new class that allows you to slide down any affixed ropes.

To use the zip line the player needs to stand at the start of the zip line and press A to begin using the zipline, you will automatically hop on it and start to slide until you reach the very end. As you reach the end of the zipline you will automatically hop off and land on the ground and reach the other side of the chasm. 

Types of Ziplines

xenoblade chronicles 3 how to use zip lines
Image Source: Release-Fire on Youtube.

Now there are two types of zipping lines i.e Short zip lines and Slow zip lines. Both are distinct for valid reasons in the game.

  • Short zip line – When you hop on a short zip line you can reach the endpoint at a great speed.
  • Slow zip line – As the name suggests, you must have guessed that it travels at a relatively slower speed. But these zip lines are a great way for the player for reaching higher places and even crossing chasms which helps you a lot throughout the game.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time by using these zip lines to travel around the world to explore new regions and find new areas. So, players of Xenoblade hope this guide helps you in your journey and enjoy the virtual world of endless possibilities.