How to Allow or Block Browser Pop-Ups on iPhone (2023)

Allow or Block browser pop-ups on iPhone to suit your browsing experience.

Some pop-ups are important but end up getting blocked by your browser. Vice versa, unnecessary pop-ups might block important information and need to be disabled by your browser. Whatever the need, enabling or disabling pop-ups could create a difference in your browsing practices. Importantly, some websites use pop-up architecture as their essential functionalities. This could include login/sign-in credentials, newsletter subscriptions, or other important site features. To help you with this further, here’s a guide on how to allow or block browser pop-ups on iPhone.

iPhone: How to Allow or Block Browser Pop-Ups (2023)

Safari Pop-Up Option Access

Learn how to allow or block browser pop-ups on iPhone by tweaking your browser settings. Safari is the stock browser for iOS devices and the default browser in consideration here.

Disable Pop-Ups on Safari

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Safari from the list of Settings.
  • Under Safari’s Settings scroll down to General Settings.
  • Toggle the Block Pop-ups to ON.

All your website pop-ups will be now blocked and will not be displayed while browsing through a website. Next, if blocked pop-ups are evading you from seeing important information then follow the next step.

Enable Pop-Ups on Safari

  • Go to Settings again on your iPhone.
  • Head back to Safari Settings.
  • In the General Section, toggle Block Pop-Ups to OFF.

After allowing Pop-ups via Safari, you get easy access to important pop-up-based features back.

Allow or Block Pop-Ups on Chrome for iPhone

In the case where you are using Google Chrome for your browsing needs follow these steps to enable or disable browser pop-ups on iPhone.

  • Open Chrome on your iPhone.
  • On the bottom-right corner, tap on the ellipsis button.
  • Chrome’s browser options will show up.
  • Scroll down and select Content Settings.
  • Under Content Settings, tap on the Block Pop-Ups option.
  • Enable or Disable according to your need.

Ultimately enabling or disabling pop-ups constantly can be tedious. You can counter this by allowing or blocking pop-ups for specific sites by accessing their site settings.

This is all you need to know on how to allow or block browser pop-ups on iPhone. To learn more about iPhone, start by learning How to Set Safari as your default browser.