How to Change Screen Timeout on an iPhone (2023)

A guide to change the screen timeout on an iPhone.

The screen timeout function decides when your iPhone will get locked after a certain duration of inactivity. Adjusting this setting gives you flexibility for different tasks. You can assign an idle time duration or set it to automatic before your iPhone locks and asks for the unlocking passcode or ID again. This setting can be greatly optimized to control your screen time. If you are tired of your device getting locked frequently even when active, here’s a guide for you to change the screen timeout on an iPhone.

iPhone: How to Change Screen Timeout (2023)

Auto-Lock Setting Display

To change the screen timeout on your iPhone analyze your needs first. Suppose you are reading an e-book that requires ample time to read every page. Under this circumstance, your phone considers this as inactivity even when you are actively reading. Constantly, tapping on your phone while reading to prevent it from dozing off or unlocking it again and again can be annoying. On the contrary, keeping your phone lit up for longer durations will drain your iPhone’s battery faster. You do not want this when you are forced to optimally use your device while traveling or in conditions where you can afford to charge your device only once.

Adjusting the Screen Timeout on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select Display and Brightness.
  • Now, press the Auto-Lock¬†option.
  • Choose the duration of idle time or screen inactivity before your iPhone locks.

By this, you have adjusted the screen timeout. Additionally, now, you have gained complete control over the idle time duration before your iPhone dozes off.

That will be all on how to access your screen lock time settings and change the screen timeout on your iPhone. For daily updates and more on iPhone learn how to set Safari as your default browser.