How To Create Facebook Meta Avatars On Android, iOS, And Desktop?

You can learn how to create, edit or use Meta Avatars on Android, iPhone, or Desktop using this easy guide.

Meta introduced its Avatar feature last year, which is similar to that of Snapchat’s Bitmoji and Apple’s Memoji feature. These Avatars are not restricted to Facebook but are available for all the social media apps under Meta i.e., WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Hence, to create your Facebook Meta Avatars on your Android, iOS, or Desktop, follow this guide.

What Is Meta Avatar?

To put it in the simplest word, the Avatar is a cartoon-like version of yourself. According to Meta (Facebook), “Meta Avatars enable people to represent and express themselves in – and across – Meta’s social experiences”. That is, you can create and personalize your Meta Avatar according to your preferences and express yourself more effectively.

Create A Meta Avatar On Android Or iOS

The process of creating an Avatar is the same for Android as well as iPhone.

Step to create avatar in meta Facebook

  1. Open the ‘Facebook’ App on your device.
  2. On your homepage, tap the ‘Menu option‘ (3-line Hamburger Icon).
  3. Look for the ‘Avatar’  tab from the menu. (click on “see more” if you don’t see the Avatar option in the list).
  4. Tap ‘Avatars’.
  5. Now choose a skin tone of your preference and tap the ‘Next‘ button.
  6. Follow the onscreen instruction and personalize your Avatar with hairstyles, outfits, etc.
  7. Now tap ‘Done’ and ‘Save changes‘ to save and create your Avatar.
  8. Finally, tap the ‘next‘ button.

There you have it, your Avatar ready to use. To edit your Avatar, you can change and edit your Avatar from your profile by clicking Edit profile on your profile, then clicking ‘Edit‘ under Avatar.
Optionally, some users may also get the option to use the camera to take a selfie to create an Avatar, though this feature is not available everywhere. If you do not want to use a live selfie to create your Avatar, you can click ‘Skip’, and continue with the manual personalization.

Create Facebook Meta Avatars On Desktop

create meta avatar on desktop

  1. Firstly, open the Facebook app on your desktop.
  2. Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.
  3. Click your name, then click ‘Edit profile’.
  4. Under Avatar, click ‘Create Avatar’.
  5. Select an Avatar to personalize, then click ‘Next’.
  6. You can also click ‘Create‘ from scratch.
  7. When you’re finished customizing your Avatar, click ‘Done editing’, then click ‘Save’ and ‘Done’.

After you create your Avatar, you’ll have personalized stickers of your Avatar to share with your friends. You can change your Avatar from your profile by clicking Edit Profile on your profile. After you have created the Avatar, let us know how you can use them.

How To Use Facebook Meta Avatars?

After you have created your Avatar successfully, you can use it to send personalized stickers to direct messages or even to your stories. Additionally, you can edit your Avatar from your profile at any time by tapping Avatars in your settings, then tapping ‘Edit Avatar’.

That’s everything covered for creating a Facebook Meta Avatar for your profile. if you find this guide interesting, you may also check out our other guides like How To Create WhatsApp Avatar And Send Them or How To Message Yourself On WhatsApp.