How to Use Emergency SOS via Satellite on Your iPhone (2023)

A guide to use Emergency SOS via Satellite on your iPhone in dire circumstances.

Apple creates state-of-the-art devices for its users to well optimize their lives with its technology. One such feature is the Emergency SOS via Sattelite for events of extreme crisis. If you are heading into an area without cellular or Wi-Fi network coverage in that geographical location then Apple’s Emergency Sattelite services come into the picture. Chances are, without any cellular network available, you cannot call or text emergency services. From here, Apple shifts to critical condition and routes you through a satellite to receive help immediately. The satellite then establishes a connection with your device which depends heavily on your surroundings. Apple recommends you have a clear vision of the sky no matter what, as tree-density foliage and other natural obstructions can affect the waves transmitting from your iPhone to the satellite. The length of your SOS alert message and the availability of the satellite is also responsible for deciding how fast your emergency alert will be transmitted to responders/authorities. For this, we have created a guide for you to use Emergency SOS via Satellite on your iPhone and tackle any calamity.

iPhone: How to Use Emergency SOS via Satellite (2023)

Display Screens of Emergency SOS via Satellite

Using the service of Emergency SOS via Satellite on your iPhone is a completely different case than using just the Emergency SOS feature. Through Satellite, your emergency SOS Alert message is sent as an encryption alert by Apple to the emergency first responders nearest to your geolocation. Apple highly recommends being prepared for any disaster beforehand. To make your iPhone emergency ready setting up a Medical ID and adding emergency contacts on the Health App is a must.

Test the Emergency SOS via Satellite Demo

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Emergency SOS.
  • In the Emergency SOS via satellite section, press on Try Demo.
  • Follow the On-Screen Demo Instructions to set Emergency SOS.

Before the demo, iPhone prompts you to turn location services for satellite connection to ON. Make sure you test this demo in open terrain without obstacles.

Connecting to the Satellite

At the time of emergency with no cellular network:

  • Tap on Emergency SOS via satellite.
  • Hold your Phone clearly pointed to the sky.
  • iPhone displays a guidance radar on the Emergency SOS satellite connection screen.
  • Follow the Satellite calibration instructions and directions displayed onscreen.
  • A satellite connection establishes from an accessible spot.

Emergency SOS Text Alerts

Further, after getting connected to the satellite, Call Emergency Services first through the satellite. If you are unable to make a call, follow the steps given below:

  • Select Emergency Text via Satellite.
  • Press on Report Emergency.
  • Answer the Emergency Questionnaire and describe all the asked details.
  • Notify all your Emergency Contacts too.
  • Follow the connectivity instructions onscreen again to remain connected while your report is being sent to the emergency services.

Send Information to Emergency Contacts

Additional to calling and texting emergency services, you can notify all your emergency contacts about your situation too. Emergency contacts who are iMessage users will get a live transcript of your situation. Live transcript includes your location and conversation with emergency services. Non-Apple device emergency contacts get an alert prompt first. Responding with ‘YES’ will show them your current details.

Moreover, pay attention that emergency SOS via satellite is not available in all countries. It can function in only U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the U.K. You have the option to use the Find My App too. Share your location from the Find My app to your emergency contacts instantly. But the catch is, you have to share your location with emergency contacts before entering the area with no network coverage.

That will be all about using emergency SOS via satellite on your iPhone to get help instantly and find your way back to civilization. For daily updates and more about iPhone, read our other guides by learning How to fix the iMessage activation error on iPhone.