How to fix Camera Flickering/Blinking on iPhone

To stop Camera flickering on your iPhone, follow the steps mentioned in this guide.

iPhones are well-known for their camera. The high-definition images given by iPhone are top-notch. But sometimes iPhone camera could be annoying, especially when it starts to flicker randomly. This makes users uncomfortable as it becomes difficult to capture a good picture when your phone’s camera doesn’t work properly. Hence, to fix the Camera Flickering on your iPhone, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow.

How to Stop Camera Flickering/Blinking on iPhone

Stop Camera Flickering issues on iPhone
image credit: DHTV

Recently many users have complained about Camera Flickering on their iPhones after the latest iOS update. Especially the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max users had this issue mostly. Although the real reason is still unknown, one possibility your Camera starts to blink is high sensor sensitivity. When you wipe off your Camera lens or remove your phone cover, the blinking stops most of the time. Sometimes you need to set your Camera to low light settings and turn off the flashlight to fix the issue. Even after following these steps, users complain about the same issue, this might be due to bugs, generally, Bugs are fixed by updating your iOS software, but for Camera Flickering Bug, it doesn’t seem that updating does anything to fix this issue. It was seen that this issue starts after updating your phone. In such a case contact Apple Support to fix the issue.


There are Myths about Factory resetting your phone stops the Flickering or Blinking of your iPhone Camera. Factory reset must be your last resort, and it should be done with proper backup or you may lose data. Moreover, Camera Flickering is mostly a hardware issue than a Software thing. It was seen that even after Factory resetting the device the Camera Flickering was constant. Although it might stop it for a small amount of time, it doesn’t yield any significant difference. So, it seems majorly the issues are with Cameras Sensitivity. Therefore, to avoid Flickering we recommend you turn off the flashlight and avoid any place where the light is inconsistent.

That’s everything covered on how to Fix Camera Flickering on iPhone. Also, check out our guide on how to use iPhone secret iMessage text effects.