How to fix Chromebook Camera Not Working (2023)

A manual to help you fix the Chromebook ‘Camera Not Working’ error.

Chromebook users have been facing an error called “Camera Not Found” whenever they try to access the camera. Chrome OS is optimally synchronized with the Chromebook’s hardware and only under rare conditions do hardware errors like these arise. Follow our guided steps given below to fix your Chromebook ‘Camera not working’ and get your camera running again.

Fix: Chromebook Camera Not Working (2023)

Fix Chromebook Camera Not Working

At the very beginning, restart your Chromebook first to see if this is able to fix the Chromebook ‘Camera Not Working’ error and restore your camera to its working condition again. Restart your device to refresh and reset its system processes. Additionally, check for any pending updates, which can fix any bugs or glitches related to the camera issue on Chromebook. If none of this works then head on ahead.

Allow Necessary Camera Permissions

  • Launch your browser and type any website that can access your camera in the address bar. (Example could be Zoom or Google Meet)
  • Check if you have enabled camera permissions for these work-centric platforms by clicking on the Lock Symbol beside the URL Link Address.
  • From the lock symbol’s sub-menu click on Site Settings.
  • Under Permissions check the status of your Camera permissions and change it to Allow.

Enabling Overall Other Camera Permissions:

  • In the address bar, type the following command,


  • Select your Front Camera from the first drop-down, and then set Default Behavior to Sites can ask you to use your camera.

Factory Reset Chrome Settings to fix Chromebook Camera Issue

Restoring Chrome to its original (default) settings might fix the error, ‘Camera Not Found’.

  • Open Chrome and in the address bar type,


  • Here under Reset Settings, click on Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • In the final dialogue box of confirmation from Chrome, click on Reset Settings again.

If none of the solutions mentioned above work, chances are high that the camera hardware is malfunctioning, or maybe the drivers are corrupted. In a situation like this, it’s best advised to back up and format your device to fix Chromebook ‘Camera Not Working’ issue. Secondary to this, get your device tested and checked by an authorized Google expert if all else fails.

That’s all on how to fix the Chromebook camera not working and as additional support to your Chrome OS fixes it would be beneficial if you learned How to change the password on your Chromebook for an emergency.