How to Fix Google Play Store Error 404 on Android Phones

Here's everything you need to know about fixing Google Play Store's Error 404 on Android Phones.

For Android users, Play Store is a useful inbuilt application from where you can download and update apps and games with ease. While downloading, sometimes you might have experienced Error 404 and might have wondered, what is it and how to fix it. If you are finding answers for the same, don’t look any further because this guide has everything you need to know about fixing Google Play Store Error 404 on Android Phones.

How To Fix Google Play Store Error 404?

Fix error 404 on Goggle Playstore

When a page/file is unavailable on the internet, you will encounter Error 404. It is because either the page or File access is restricted, or the page might have been deleted. Another reason is due to a Bug. But on Google Play Store if you see this Error, either it’s because of a Bug or the Play Store has removed the application. Majorly, Android users face this issue due to Bugs because if the application is removed, it mostly shows a message like ‘This app is unavailable’. However, Error 404 is rare to notice while downloading an app. To fix Error 404 you can try clearing your Play Store Cache.

How To Clear Cache on Google Play Store

To clear Play Store’s Cache from your Android mobile you can follow these steps:

  • Go To Settings > Apps > Application Maganer> navigate and Tap on Google Play Store > Storage > Clear Cache.
  • The Settings may vary for different android devices, but after navigating to Application Manager the steps are the same.
  • This should fix Error 404.
  • If it still shows the Error while downloading the app, try downloading some other app.
  • If it shows the same for other apps too, contact play support to fix the Bug.
  • In case other apps are downloadable, it probably means the app is unavailable in Play Store.
  • In such cases, you can download the desired app from alternates like the Amazon app store, or any other app store application.
  • Also, check Google’s official Twitter account for news regarding Bugs. In February 2018, due to a Bug, users across the world, experienced Error 404, Google addressed that issue and the Bug was fixed within hours.

That’s everything covered on how to Fix Error 404 on Google Play Store. Also, to fix Error 0x80780113 “Not enough disk space to create the volume shadow copy” on Windows 11/10, our guide for it will help you.