How to Fix iMessage Activation Error on iPhone

How to Fix iMessage Activation Error on iPhone.

iMessage and Facetime are free inbuild apps that come along with your iPhone, you can use these apps to text or video call with anyone, with a stable internet connection. Although to use them, you need to create an Apple ID account first. Sometimes when you are using a new iPhone and try to use iMessage can show some Errors. To Fix the iMessage Activation Error on your iPhone, this guide will help you.

How to Fix iMessage Activation Error on iPhone

Fix iMessage Activation Error on iPhone
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When your device resets or even sometimes when you restart your device, you might get an Activation Error. There are a few tricks mentioned below with which you can fix this problem:

Check for Internet Connection

Check if your internet is working. If connected to Wifi, then try turning off and on the router. If connected to a Cellular network, using iMessage in a place with better bandwidth can solve the issue.

Check for SMS Plan

If your network operator doesn’t offer you the SMS messaging feature, iMessage won’t work. In such cases, you can change your network operator or upgrade your plan to enable SMS messaging services.

Restart iMessage

Disabling and then Enabling iMessage after some time can fix the issue. To restart your iMessage on iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Toggle off iMessage to disable it. Additionally, restart your device and then turn on iMessage. Wait for 24 hours for Activation. If iMessage shows Activation Error after 24 hours, contact google support.

Check Date and Time Settings

If you have an improper Timezone set on your iPhone, iMessage can show errors while signing in. You can fix the Time and Date by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings and search for the General tab.
  • In the General window, look for the Date and Time option and tap on it.
  • Change the Date and time to the correct timezone.

Update iOS version

Sometimes Bugs cause the activation issue, and you can fix this by updating your software to the latest version. To update your device go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install.

If the issue continues and you have tried all the above steps, contact Apple Support to analyze and fix the issue.

That’s everything covered on how to fix iMessage activation. Also, if you need to fix your Frozen iPhone 14 or you want to unblock YouTube Videos, our guides on them might help you.