How to fix iPhone Not Cropping Screenshots (2023)

Here' a trick to save your crop when iPhone is not cropping screenshots.

Since the release of iOS 16, the iPhone not saving the cropped areas of screenshots on mark-up preview has been persistent for many users. After screenshotting an image, iPhone lets you edit it before saving it to your gallery. On screenshot, a mark-up tool window appears on the image. Here you get the option to crop a portion of your screenshot, add text to it or annotate the image.  When you crop a portion of the image on the mark-up preview, the Photos app runs in the background with a lag or processing delay on par with the editing feature. Instantaneously saving your crop will ignore this delay and save the screenshot as it is. To save your edit correctly here’s a tip to fix iPhone not cropping screenshots and get that snap.

Fix: iPhone Not Cropping Screenshots (2023)

Mark-up tool overlay on iPhone screenshot

The method to fix iPhone not cropping screenshots requires you to pay attention to the mark-up tool. Previous iOS versions displayed a crop boundary adjustment tool directly after the screenshot. However, the iOS 16 update changed screenshot options after a snap.

How to Save your crops exactly on iOS 16

  • Take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing the Volume Up button and Power (Side) Button together.
  • Click on the screenshot thumbnail which appears after you take a screenshot.
  • In the full-screen view, crop your desired area/region by adjusting the corner markers of the crop tool.
  • DO NOT PRESS the ‘Done’ button yet.
  • Strictly, wait for your cropped edit to appear on the iPhone screen.
  • Only after the cropped portion is visible as a new image, press on Done.

This helps to synchronize the mark-up editing tool with the Photos App in the background and saves your cropped image correctly. A lot of users do not consider this delay and press the Done button instantly after cropping. This results in your image being saved as the original screenshot it was, and not as your required crop.

Update your iOS Version

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  • Go to General and tap on Software Update.
  • Press on Download and Install.

Sometimes update packages get corrupted while installation or files get missed due to a weak internet connection. So restoring your iOS version or updating it to the latest version might fix bugs and patch incorrect/missing files.

Well, this is all there is to fixing iPhone not cropping screenshots and saving them correctly. To optimize your iPhone further start by learning to use ChatGPT with Siri on your iPhone.