How to fix iPhone Not Receiving Texts from Android (2023)

Simple ways to receive your messages, when your iPhone is not receiving texts from Android.

Messages/SMS received on your iPhone are mostly about transactional details, carrier network-based promos, or simply necessary OTP codes. For iPhone users, ‘iMessages’ work very efficiently when sending SMS/MMS from an iPhone to another iPhone. But lately, a lot of iPhone users have been facing technical issues with receiving messages from platforms other than iOS, especially Android. If you are also the one facing this issue, here are some solutions when your iPhone is not receiving texts from an Android device.

Fix: iPhone Not Receiving Texts from Android (2023)

Accessing iMessages

When your iPhone is not receiving texts from Android, the most annoying problem is the chance of missing a crucial text. If an official work-related message has been sent to you from a coworker/employer using an Android-based smartphone, then the inability to receive this message will put you in an unwanted situation. To avoid circumstances like these set your iPhone to an error-free state of operation.

Set iPhone to receive MMS Messages

For instances when you can’t receive photo-embedded text messages, this feature is a must to enable.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Messages option.
  • Under the SMS/MMS section toggle MMS Messaging to ON.

Enable Group Messaging

Mostly switched on by default, the group messaging feature can bypass a network bug sometimes.

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Head back to Messages.
  • Toggle Group Messaging to ON, in the SMS/MMS section.

Allow Messages from All Lines

There is a possibility that only filtered messages are visible on your messaging app. Make sure you have enabled messages from all lines if you are using two different carrier networks on your iPhone. To do this follow the directed path:

  • Messages > More Button (Ellipsis icon with 3 dots) > Select All Lines

Messages received on both of your cellular networks will now be visible.

Activate your disabled Cellular Line

Operating on two different cellular networks can sometimes create a glitch in your network carrier settings. Check if the cellular network you want to receive messages on is enabled or not.

  • Launch Settings on iPhone.
  • Tap on Cellular.
  • Under SIMs, select the SIM card network you are trying to receive messages on.
  • Further in the Cellular Network Settings, switch the option called, ‘Turn On This Line’ to ON.

Update Network Carrier Settings

Constant software updates to iOS also affect cellular network configurations at times. You should ensure that your Network Carrier Settings are up to date. To update head on this path:

  • Settings > General > About

If there’s a pending update an alert message will be displayed regarding an update to the carrier network settings. Tap on Update to finish this process.

Reset your Network Settings

To reset all your network settings here are the steps:

  • Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Refreshing all your previously loaded settings might help fix this issue and load newer updated cellular network settings.

Empty Unwanted/Older Messages

Your text message storage is most likely filled with older threads, offer newsletters, or messages which are no longer important. Empty your message storage capacity by deleting all unrequired messages.

Toggle Airplane Mode ON/OFF

Toggling Airplane Mode to On and then Off fixes a lot of network connectivity desynchs. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode on your device to fix this issue instantaneously.

Well, these are all the handy fixes to try when your iPhone is not receiving texts from an Android mobile phone. Hoping this guide helps you to get any past missed messages and never miss any upcoming messages at all. For more on iMessage errors learn How to fix the iMessage activation error on your iPhone and explore further into the working of your device.