How to fix Move to iOS app Not Working (2023)

There could be network connectivity problems when Move to iOS App is not working so we created a guide just for you.

Move to iOS app is a specifically designed application for when Android users switch to iPhone. They can transfer all their data present on the previous Android device to their new Apple device quite smoothly through this app. This built-in feature of the iPhone lets a user transfer their photos, contacts, messages, mail accounts, and calendars from their previous Android device. To transfer files, iPhone creates a private Wi-Fi file-sharing network with the Android device. During this process, the iPhone searches for the Android device running the Move to iOS app and generates a security code. Entering this security code on the Android device starts the process. However, most users are facing an issue with the file transfer process. Connection breaks in the sharing network or bugs in the Move to iOS app distort and end the file transfer abruptly. We have created a guide for you to fix the Move to iOS app not working error and transfer data with ease.

iPhone: How to Fix Move to iOS app Not Working (2023)

Display Screen of Move to iOS App

Mainly to fix the Move to iOS app not working error see if your Mobile Data is turned off and not interrupting the private Wi-Fi network. Before trying to transfer data, ensure both devices have the required battery levels for uninterrupted file transfer. Most importantly, you have to download the Move to iOS app on your Android device from Google Play Store first. Next, ensure that iPhone has enough storage space to receive all the files you are trying to transfer. Try the following fixes if files fail to transfer.

Compatibility Check

Move to iOS app works only under the following conditions.

  • iOS device or your iPhone is running on iOS Version 9.0 and higher.
  • Your Android device is running on Android Version 4.0 or higher.

File transfer will not happen on lower OS versions than these.

Private Wi-Fi Network Check

  • Open the connected Wi-Fi networks on both your iPhone and Android devices.
  • Confirm that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This is a guarantee that files transfer without any network issues. Moreover, verify the strength of your network too.

Enable Airplane Mode

Enabling Airplane mode ensures that no foreign network interferes with your file transfer.

  • On iPhone, pull down the Control Center and tap the Airplane Mode button.
  • On Android, pull down Notifications and turn Airplane Mode On.

Clear all Cache Memory to fix Move to iOS App not Working

The presence of Cached files on either device can hamper the file transfer process immensely. Most probably clearing cache fixes the Move to iOS app not working error.

To clear cache memory on iPhone:

  • Launch Settings and select Safari.
  • Scroll Down and select Clear History and Website Data.
  • To optimize further, clear app cache data individually by heading to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Apps (Any App) > Clear Cache Data.

To clear cached memory on Android:

  • Open Settings and select Storage.
  • Tap on Apps and select any app you think might be causing issues. (For Eg; Google Chrome)
  • In the App’s Info, tap on Clear Cache.
  • You can also select Clear Storage for an increased guarantee.

Lastly, reboot your devices to refresh background processes and other functions.

Finishing off, that is all there is to fix the Move to iOS app not working error and transfer files without intrusions. To know more about iPhone fixes and daily tech updates visit our website or learn How to delete system storage on iPhone.