How to fix the “Operation Failed 0x0000011B” Error

To fix the "Operation failed 0x0000011B" error, here's a guide for you.

Users who updated the latest security patch for Windows 10 and 11 are complaining about the “Operation Failed 0x0000011B” error, when they use printers shared by the network. Especially the users with Windows 10 21H1 built encounter this issue now and then. These troubleshooting issues can be solved. For users who want to fix the “Operation Failed 0x0000011B” error on their Windows 10 and 11, this guide will help you.

How to fix the “Operation Failed 0x0000011B” error on Windows 10 and 11

fix the "Operation Failed 0x0000011B" error

For the Windows 10 and 11 users who are facing the “Operation Failed 0x0000011B” error, you can fix it by following these steps:

1. Install all Pending Updates

You should continuously update your Windows Software to fix any bug issues. To check all the pending updates, press ‘Win + R’ and type “ms-settings:windowsupdate” which is a shortcut path to open the updates window. Once you installed all the updates, see if the issue is solved. If your system still shows the error proceed to the other steps mentioned below.

2. Reset and Restart the Print Spooler Service

Print Spooler Service is a mini-application that is in-built into your operating system. This application helps you to perform multiple print jobs at the same time, irrespective of the initial print job. If any troubleshooting error appears in this application, you can face the error. To fix this, you will need to reset some settings and restart the application. To restart the Print Spooler Service, follow these steps:

  • Open the Run window by pressing ‘Win + R’ and type ‘services.msc’ and click on ‘OK’
  • Scroll down and right-click on ‘Print Spooler’ from the list.
  • Select Properties from the menu, and the Properties dialog box will appear.
  • Open the General tab, and from the Startup type drop-down, select the ‘Automatic’ and click Apply and save the changes.
  • Now right-click on Print Spooler one more time and click on ‘Restart’, and the Print Spooler service will restart.
  • Try running a new print job after restarting Print Spoolers to confirm the fixation of the error.

3. Disable CVE-2021-1678 mitigation

If you are facing errors after installing the new security patch, it might have triggered “Operation Failed 0x0000011B” while patching the Printer Spooler Spoofing vulnerability – CVE-2021-1678. To fix this error, either you will need to uninstall the security update, which will lead to more Bug errors in your system, or create a new registry entry and disable CVE-2021-1678 mitigation. You can disable it by following these steps:

  • Press ‘Win + R’ and type ‘regedit’, then click ‘OK’ to open Registry Editor.
  • On the Address bar of the Registry Editor, copy and paste the following path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print
  • This will directly take you to the key location.
  • Scroll and search for ‘Print‘ and right-click on it.
  • From the print menu, go to New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  • Right-click on the new DWORD key and click on rename.
  • Rename it as RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled, and right-click on it to open the menu.
  • From the menu, click on Modify to open a dialog box.
  • On the dialog box, find the Value data option, enter the Value as ‘0’ and click on ‘OK’ to save it.
  • Now close the registry and restart your PC, and the changes will be applied.
  • You should know that modifying your Windows Registry is risky. Hence, having a Windows registry backup is recommended.

Apart from this, you can install your Printer Manually by local port or uninstall the security package.

That’s everything covered on how to fix the “Operation Failed 0x0000011B” error. Also, check out our guide on how to fix Snapchat Support Code SS06 Error.