iPhone 14 Camera Keeps Blinking? How to Fix (2023)

A fixer for your camera flicker when iPhone 14 camera keeps blinking.

iPhone users have been facing a constantly blinking screen while trying to click pictures or record videos on 4K resolution with a 60FPS frame rate. This flickering bug has people scratching their heads and ultimately questioning the integrity of this flagship Apple device. People have stormed Internet forums and Apple’s Support center to know how to fix the iPhone 14 camera flickering bug. We have compiled a guide for you to find out why your iPhone 14 camera keeps blinking during captures and solutions to fix them.

Fix: iPhone 14 Camera Keeps Blinking Issues (2023)

iPhone 14 camera exposure setting

If your iPhone 14 camera keeps flickering then external factors could be affecting it like the surrounding environment lighting exposure, your shutter speed with respect to the light levels, and the camera shifting between lenses for some shots, be it wide-angle or ultra-wide angle.

Here are some Camera specific fixes, written, which you can follow and get back to taking those cinematic shots on your iPhone 14. 

Turning OFF Auto Macro Mode to stop iPhone 14 Camera from Flickering

Auto Macro Mode is a feature where the iPhone 14 camera switches to the Ultra Wide Lens in order to capture macro photos and videos where subjects (eg. small insects) are captured up close making them appear larger in photos compared to their real-life size. Switching this OFF might fix the camera flickering issue:

  • Simply head to Settings and click on Camera Settings.
  • Scroll Down and you will find the Auto Macro option. If turned ON, toggle it OFF and see if the issue is resolved.

Finding the Right Exposure Level/Adjusting to Optimum Exposure Levels

If you are trying to capture photos in an environment with incandescent lighting such as a fluorescent / LED, chances are that the frame rate of these lights is meddling with the shutter rate of your iPhone camera lens. Adjusting to the right light exposure level will most definitely fix the constant blinking of your iPhone camera.

  • Open your Camera App.
  • On the Camera Screen, you will see a white/yellow Arrow pointing upwards in the topmost middle portion of the screen.
  • Click on this Arrow and a bunch of Camera options and controls will pop up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Here you will see an option which is a Circle with + and – symbols inside it.
  • Press this button and the Exposure Slider appears.
  • Adjust this slider until you reach the optimum light levels for your photo or until the camera screen stops blinking/flickering.

Under low-lighting conditions, the iPhone 14 camera flashing bug might occur due to the LED flashlight of the camera too. Try switching your LED flash off and clicking pictures when in dimly lit surrounding.

Locking the Camera Lens while recording Videos

A lot of people have complained about their iPhone 14 camera automatically changing its recording settings and switching to a different lens altogether while recording. You can Lock your Camera Lens while recording by doing this:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings.
  • Click on the Camera Option and tap on the option called Record Video.
  • Under the list of Record Video Options, scroll down and you will find an option called Lock Camera which stops the iPhone 14 camera from switching to a different lens mid-recording any further.

Ultimately, the iPhone 14 camera blinking issue can also occur due to a glitch or a bug in the latest updated iOS version and is generally not much of a problem to worry about. Apple constantly releases security patches and updates to fix these bugs. If you want to know further about the photo details of iPhone 14 then learn how to transfer photos from your iPhone 14 to Mac.