How to Lock iPhone Screen Without Ending a Call (2023)

A guide to help you lock your iPhone screen without ending a call.

The iPhone surface detection sensor is designed to recognize your face as a surface and turn the screen light off during calls. This helps save the battery and prevent apps and other functions from opening due to accidental touch. This surface detection sensor is engineered to turn the screen off when against your ear and light it back up when put away from your face. Because of this sensor’s capability, your iPhone is pre-configured naturally to end a call when the side (power) button is pressed. But this can backfire in crucial situations too. You could end up cutting a very important call mistakenly. To avoid such scenarios we have mentioned in this guide how you can lock your iPhone screen without ending the call.

iPhone: How to Lock Screen without Ending a Call (2023)

Lock Screen without Ending Call Option

To lock an iPhone screen without ending a call there’s a simple option. Follow the steps given below to turn this feature OFF:

Disable Side Button as End Call Button

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Press on the Touch option.
  • Toggle the Prevent Lock to End Call to ON.
  • The side button will no longer end calls when you lock the iPhone screen during a call.

Alternative Options

Suppose you don’t want to disable this feature, then you can try these solutions to lock your iPhone without cutting the call:

  • Use earphones, as iPhone will not end a call on lock when connected to earphones.
  • Turn the speaker ON during a call to prevent iPhone from ending the call on lock.

With these methods, you have nothing to worry about when on a prime call. All hindrances to a call are now fixed.

Well, that is all there is to know on how to lock your iPhone screen without ending a call. For daily tech updates and more on iPhone, check out our other guides and learn How to change screen timeout duration on your iPhone.