How to Mark Texts as Unread on iPhone (2023)

If you want to mark texts as unread on your iPhone, then read this guide.

For some conversations which you read accidentally, you might want to undo and mark them as unread. You might not want the person with whom you are conversing, to know that you have read their messages. iMessage gives you three ways to mark your conversation as unread. However, bear in mind about ‘read receipts’. If you have turned your ‘read receipts’ status to ON, then marking your conversation as unread is useless. The recipient of the conversation can see the status of your Read Receipt as “Read” on their phone regardless if you mark it as unread after opening it. It is advisable to turn your Read Receipts OFF if you constantly face such situations during text communication. This feature becomes very handy for group conversations when you mistakenly open bulk messages on busy instances. Learn how to mark texts as unread on your iPhone through this simplistic guide.

iPhone: How to Mark Texts as Unread (2023)

Unread Options on iMessages

To mark texts as unread on your iPhone there are 3 easy ways. All of these 3 techniques are present in the Messages app itself. For example, you receive a very important text which is pretty long. You don’t have the time to read and reply to it at all but unintentionally open it. To mark that conversation, any other conversation, or bulk messages as unread follow the methods below.

Marking Bulk Conversations as Unread

  • Open the Messages App on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Edit in the top-left corner.
  • Press on Select Messages and select all the conversations you want to mark as unread.
  • Tap on Unread in the bottom right corner.

All the conversations you selected to mark as unread will now be unread.

Marking Individual Conversations as Unread

The first method is:

  • Launch Messages again.
  • Select the conversation you want to be marked unread, and Swipe across the conversation preview thumbnail from left to right.
  • Tap on the Blue Message Icon disclosed on your swipe action or keep swiping to mark it as Unread.

The second method is:

  • Long-press and Hold on to the conversation which is to be marked unread.
  • On the pop-up select the Mark as Unread option.

This is all there is to know about how to mark texts as unread on your iPhone and never let the recipient know of your read status. For more updates and information about iPhones visit our website or read our guide on how to change vibration settings on your iPhone to tweak with notification alert functions.