How to Save a Live Photo as a Video on iPhone (2023)

Here's a guide to help you save a Live Photo as Video on your iPhone.

The Live Photo feature of the iPhone captures images in High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format. How this format works is, every time you click the shutter button to capture a photo, the photo is recorded as a video (HEIF) of 3 seconds. In this 3-second duration, one and a half seconds are frames of motion before and after you click the shutter button. This feature is one of Apple’s greatest features designed to capture accurate frames and on-point photos. Additionally, you can convert your Live Photos to GIFs or pick static photos from them, other than turning them into a video. If you want to save the Live Photo as a Video on your iPhone, follow our guide below.

iPhone: How to Save a Live Photo as a Video (2023)

Live Photo to Video Option in Photos

Quite smoothly, you can save a live photo as Video on your iPhone via the Photos App. Albums on iPhone categorize the Live Photos captured. The Live Photo feature is capable of capturing frames with zero latency.

Converting a Live Photo to Video

  • Open the Photos App on your iPhone.
  • Go to Albums.
  • Scroll down to Media Types and select Live Photos.
  • Select a single Live Photo or multiple Live Photos according to the video you want.
  • Further, in the bottom left corner, tap on the Share button.
  • On Pop-Up, slide down and select Save as Video.

Access your Saved Video by heading to Recents or back to Albums. The HEIF technology is a very advanced format built to capture the perfect shot. iPhone users have an edge in photography over other devices due to this feature. Live Photos integrates into frame-by-frame shots to give you ecstatic shots from still photos.

That will be all on how to save a Live Photo as Video on your iPhone. For more on iPhone and daily tech updates visit our website or read what to do if your iPhone 14 camera keeps blinking.