How to Send Email Reminders to Yourself on iPhone (2023)

A guide to help you send reminders to yourself on iPhone.

iOS has a great feature for reminders embedded into its Mail App. This functionality is an advancement for business professionals and people who have an obliged engagement with Emails. If you receive important emails constantly from various different sources, then keeping a track of each task and event requires careful attention. The chances of missing or ignoring essential mails increase when you get emails in bulk. To systemize responses, here’s a guide to send email reminders to yourself on your iPhone.

iPhone: How to Send Email Reminders to Yourself (2023)

Pop-up of Email Reminder Option

In order to send email reminders to yourself on your iPhone there are two possible ways. Either you can directly set a reminder from the Email message in your inbox, or you can set an email reminder through the Email itself. This can help you set reminders according to your priorities. Crucial Emails can be addressed before less important emails, thus, creating an equilibrium in tasks. Set an order of reminders from reminders for the most crucial email to the least crucial email by these methods.

Setting Email Reminders from Mail Inbox

  • Open the Mail App on your iPhone.
  • Choose the Email you want to set a reminder for without opening its contents.
  • Swipe Right on that Email Message preview to reveal the two Email Options, Read and Remind Me.
  • Tap on Remind Me.
  • On the pop-up to set a reminder time you can choose a preset time for the reminder.
  • To create your own custom reminder, select Remind Me Later and set your own reminder date & time.

This function is perfect to set up quick reminders for your emails.

Setting Email Reminders from within the Email Message

  • Launch the Mail App on your iPhone.
  • Select and Tap on the Email Message for which you want to set a reminder.
  • Press on the Reply button inside the Email Message.
  • Tap on Remind Me.
  • On the pop-up, follow the steps mentioned above to set your Email Reminder.

That is all there is on the methods to send email reminders to yourself on your iPhone. Precisely time your work and create the perfect work-life balance. For more updates and information related to iPhone alerts check out this tutorial on How to change vibration settings on your iPhone and visit our website for more information.