Set Password On Windows 11 – A Complete Guide

Learn in this guide to set Passwords on Windows to enhance Protection and Privacy.

Setting a Password is the first and foremost critical aspect of establishing a secure and protective environment, this applies to your computer as well, especially when you share your device with other users, or you work in a co-working environment. Windows 11 has changed how we access our Setup, it is more seamless and convenient than ever before, wondering how to set it up. Let’s go ahead with the guide and learn how to set Passwords in Windows 11.

Steps To Set Password On Windows 11

Note- This is for local accounts only and, if you are using a Microsoft account, this won’t change the password in your Microsoft Services account.

To set a Password on Windows 11 follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app’s Accounts page.Set password in windows 11
  2. Under account settings, click on Sign-in options.
  3. Click on Password.Set Password in Windows 11 local id
  4. Once expanded, click on the ‘Add’ button to set the password.
    A new prompt screen will open.
  5. Enter your Password in the ‘Password’ and ‘Confirm Password fields’.
  6. Enter the Hint. Note that a hint is mandatory, so you have to enter something.
  7. Click on Next and click on Finish.

Now that your Windows is secured via Password Protection, you can also set up Windows Hello to access features like quick login using a biometric scan, facial scan, or a PIN.

To Set Up Windows Hello On Windows 11

Windows Hello is introduced in Windows 11 to personalize the way you access your device by using PIN, biometrics like fingerprint, and facial recognition. Follow the steps below to set Hello Windows.

Setup Hello Windows in windows 11

  1. Open the Settings app’s Accounts page.
  2. Under account settings, click on Sign-in options
  3. Under Ways to sign in, you’ll see 3 options to sign in with Windows Hello

Choose any you prefer and follow the further on-display instructions. (if you are using a device without a fingerprint reader or camera, you need to connect an external cam and fingerprint reader to use these options).

  • To set up facial recognition sign-in, click on Facial recognition.
  • To set up sign-in with a fingerprint, click on Fingerprint recognition.
  • Select PIN to set up sign-in with a PIN.

That’s everything you need to know on How to set Passwords in Windows 11. It is always good practice to use a combination of characters in your password to ensure strong Protection. While you are here, check out your other guide on How To Turn On Hibernation On Windows 10 And 11 or How To Fix the Phone Link App ‘Not Working’ Error On Windows 11.