How to Switch to Canary Channel on Your Chromebook (2023)

Here's a guide on how to shift to Canary Channel on your Chromebook in a jiffy.

Canary Channel is Chrome OS’ most flexible developer channel which gives you complete command over its developer framework. Out of Beta, Stable, and Dev channels Canary channel is the maximum advanced. Being ultra developer friendly, it lets you debug applications to the last code and probe into features that are still under refinement. In Developer Mode, you can investigate certain programs and components early on during their testing and trial stage. Let us show you the path to switch to Canary Channel on your Chromebook. 

How to Enable Canary Channel On Chromebook (2023)

Crosh terminal in Canary Channel

Keep in mind that, to switch to Canary Channel on your Chromebook you have to back up all your data beforehand. This is because when you turn on Developer Mode on your Chromebook all local data gets erased and formatted. On top of this, Canary Channel is a highly unstable developer testing mode that is frequently susceptible to crashes. Since it is so bugged out, it is not recommended to stay in Developer Mode for long because lowered security levels put you at a greater risk.

[Exclaimer: Developer Mode is wholly different from Developer (Update) Channel.]

Getting Into Developer Mode

  • Press Esc + Refresh + Power Button altogether at once to enter the Recovery Screen of Chrome OS.
  • On the Recovery Screen press Ctrl + D to get a prompt for entering Developer Mode.
  • Press Enter to Enable Developer Mode.
  • While switching to Developer Mode Chrome might warn you that “OS Verification is OFF” or “Chrome OS is Missing or Damaged”. (Nothing alarming as it is just Chrome OS’ Precautionary Message)
  • During this booting process, you must wait for a beeping sound until Chromebook loads up or Press Ctrl + D to bypass this stage instantly.
  • A Google Device Setting Up page will make you Sign In as a Developer now.

Switching to Canary Channel on your Chromebook

  • Open Crosh Terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T. (Crosh Terminal lets you adjust system plus security settings on a Constructor assembly Level).
  • In the Crosh Terminal enter the following code: live_in_a_coal_mine
  • Press Enter and on Crosh Terminal’s prompt press, ‘y’ and press Enter Again.
  • The default update stream will switch to Canary Channel Now.

Moving Chromebook Stable Build to Chrome OS Canary

  • The final step involves firstly launching Settings on your Chromebook.
  • On the left panel of the settings menu, below the Advanced section, click on About Chrome OS.
  • Click on Check for Updates on the right panel and your Chromebook will download the latest build of the Canary Channel.
  • Lastly, after the update has been installed, reboot your device.

Chrome OS has now shifted to the Canary Channel giving you hands-on early developer access. Debug pre-launch beta versions of unreleased applications or simply mess around with the OS structure. That’s all for now on how to switch to Canary Channel. Furthermore, you can learn How to Delete Apps and Remove Extensions on Chromebook to better understand Chrome OS.