How to Switch to Desktop Mode on iPhone (2023)

A guide to switch to desktop mode on your iPhone for a complete experience.

On average, websites are well optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices. Especially on the iPhone where iOS is built to run mobile versions of websites efficiently. On its counter though, some websites are not well enhanced to run on mobile devices and lose essential functionalities. Moreover, errors in content loading happen occasionally with no rendering of some critical features and functions. In the worst-case scenario, a website might crash completely and become inaccessible on the iPhone. To deal with such a case, we have mentioned 3 methods by which you can switch to desktop mode on your iPhone.

iPhone: How to Switch to Desktop Mode (2023)

Request Desktop Option iPhone

There are exactly three methods to switch to desktop mode on your iPhone. You can either set a website to open in desktop mode by default permanently or open every website naturally in desktop mode.

Viewing the Desktop Version of a Website

  • Open a Website.
  • In the Address Bar, select the icon on the leftmost edge.
  • The symbol or icon is a capital A in a smaller font size with a capital A in a larger font size consecutively.
  • On the pop-up select Request Desktop Website.

Permanently Open a Website in Desktop Mode

  • Go to a Website.
  • Tap on the Options button present on the Address Bar (The same ascending font option in the last method).
  • On the pop-up menu, select Website Options.
  • Switch the Request Desktop Website to ON (Green color).

Every time you visit this specific domain on your iPhone, the website will open in Desktop Mode directly.

Open every Website in Desktop Mode

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Safari after scrolling down.
  •  Go to the bottom and select Request Desktop Website.
  • Toggle the All Websites switch to Green color (ON).

Each website you visit will now open in its Desktop Version.

Tuning out with this, that was all we could tell you about how to switch to desktop mode on your iPhone. For the latest tech updates and more on iPhone visit our website or read How to allow or block browser pop-ups on your iPhone.