How to Turn Off RTT on iPhone (2023)

A quick guide to turn off RTT on your iPhone.

RTT stands for Real-Time Text and it is iPhone’s specially-designed accessibility feature for hearing and speech-impaired users. This accessibility setting lets you convert text to voice while conversing on a call with another person. Vice-versa this feature is capable of converting voice to text also. Quite simply if your network operator supports this feature, then a text input field will be visible on call. So basically, a call through RTT/TTY gets converted to a text format for the one using this feature. In response to your texts being converted to speech for the person on the other side, their replies are transcribed to text for you to read. A person with challenged senses can archive all their call conversations as text conversations. If RTT is enabled it can sometimes interfere with normal voice call due to network differences, so here’s a guide on how to turn off RTT on your iPhone.

iPhone: How to Turn OFF RTT (2023)

Software RTT/TTY Option in Settings

Before you turn off RTT on your iPhone see if your provider supports this feature. If not, you don’t need to turn it off as it is not affecting any service of the iPhone. On the contrary, RTT is a much-advanced accessibility option with an in-built teletypewriter. Due to this, using this feature doesn’t require any teletypewriter hardware to be connected.

Disabling RTT/TTY

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Accessibility.
  • Tap on RTT/TTY or RTT/Textphone.
  • Toggle the Software RTT/TTY  or Software RTT/Textphone to Green color (ON).
  • For additional optimization, disable the Hardware TTY or Hardware Textphone option too.

The Software RTT and Hardware RTT/TTY accessibility feature is no longer active after this step.

This is all there to know on how to turn off RTT on your iPhone. For more updates about iPhone and daily tech updates visit our website or read How to fix your iPhone when it is not receiving any texts from an Android device.