How to Unblock YouTube Videos from any Location

Here's how you can unblock and watch YouTube videos from anywhere in the world.

YouTube is an informative and entertaining platform where you can watch and stream videos for free. Sometimes due to restrictions by an institution or organization, the videos might be blocked in the locality or the country. But still, if you wish to watch videos, you can access them by following a few steps mentioned in this guide to unblock YouTube videos from any location.

How to Unblock YouTube Videos from any Location

Unblock YouTube Videos

There are a few ways by which you can unblock YouTube Videos and watch them. However, if a specific video is taken down by YouTube, due to a violation of any terms and conditions, you cannot watch that video. To unblock YouTube videos from anywhere in the world, here are a few things that you can try:


The first and foremost solution to unblock YouTube videos is to use VPN. Several VPN providers give you free and premium locations to hide your IP address by rerouting them to a different location. Some VPN providers even give Chrome extensions that you can download and install in your browser. This is a useful tool to anonymously watch YouTube videos, that are restricted in your country. Although, some school, workplace, or institutional places blocks VPNs, and in such cases, you cannot use VPNs inside the institution. Some well-know VPNs that you can use are:

  • NordVPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • VPN by Google One
  • CyberGhost

Proxy Servers

It’s an alternative to VPN that works similarly. It routes your address to a different location with the help of its Server network. Proxy servers are well known to Bypass Firewalls. These free Proxy servers come with a cost. Most of these servers are not encrypted, and they may cause a threat to your privacy. You can use Web Proxies such as HMA Free YouTube Proxy or Infinite which are some of the most used and secured Proxy servers available on the internet. You can even add Proxy servers as your Chrome extensions. Although, we don’t recommend adding any Proxy server extension to safeguard your privacy.

Using Google Translate

In case your workplace or school has blocked YouTube videos, you can unblock them by using Google Translate. All you need to do is:

  • Open Google Translate on your browser.
  • Set Translate from ‘English’
  • Set Translate to any foreign language you want.
  • Paste the video URL on Translate from the panel and click on the hyperlink.

Use Tor

The infamous and most effective and secure way to watch YouTube videos is by using the Tor Web browser. Download and install the Tor web browser on your device and open YouTube as you normally do on your regular browser. Using Tor can slow down the speed of the internet as it uses many different servers to hide your IP address.

That’s everything covered on how to unblock YouTube videos from any location. Also, check out our guide on how to change your Chromebook Password.