How to Unlock an Android Device Without a Password (2023)

Unlock an Android device without a password by our easy guide.

In a situation where you are locked out of your Android device without a password, things can get pretty rough. In the newest Android versions, the “Forgot Password” option to recover or change your password through Google authentication is not available anymore. If there is no alternative unlocking method present on your Android, you will have to take critical measures to bypass the security lock. Before following any of the methods in this tutorial, make sure to back up all your data and avoid the risk of losing any of it. So, to unlock an Android device without a password here are some quick fixes.

Android: How to Unlock Device Without a Password (2023)

Find My device Erase Option Display

When trying to unlock an Android device without a password make sure your Google account is signed in to the device and set up as the primary account. This helps to ease up the process. Further, for older operating system versions (below 7.1), retrieving and changing your password is simple compared to the later versions. You can use Google Find My Device to unlock devices running on previous versions.

Unlocking your Android Device using ADB

The Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) gives you the power to reset or unlock your phone via a computer. If your device and computer are linked through ADB already, then you can bypass the secure smart lock by following the steps below:

  • Connect your Android Device to the Computer.
  • Open the ADB Application on your system.
  • Run Command Prompt.
  • In the command prompt code window, enter the following command:
    ADB shell rm /data /system /gesture.key
  • Press Enter.
  • The device lock resets to None after this step.

Use Find My Device to Reset

This a reminder to you again that all your device data will be erased in this method. Make sure you create a backup first and then follow this step. Your Android device resets to its original state now without any security measures

Factory Reset Your Device

  • Shut Down your Android Device.
  • Press and Hold the Power and Volume Buttons together at once.
  • Your device will enter Recovery Mode now.
  • Select the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option and choose Yes.
  • Your saved password will be removed and the security pin or pattern is now reset. No security lock is present on your device anymore.

That is all there is to unlock your Android device without a password. Hoping this guide helps you access your device again smoothly, swiftly, and without any hassle. For more updates and information on Android read our other guides on How to fix battery drainage issues on Android.