How to Use Photo Cutout on an iPhone (2023)

A guide to use the Photo Cutout feature on an iPhone.

The Photo Cutout feature works on Apple’s AI technology called, “Visual Lookup”. Visual Lookup uses machine learning to read an image and identify the objects present in it. Since iOS 16 Visual Lookup has become smarter in recognizing people and differentiating them from the background. However, the Photo Cutout feature is available for the iPhone XS and later models of the iPhone only. This tool is great when you want to separate subjects and objects from the background of an image. iOS 16 is enhanced to even detect objects on an image with a lower resolution too. Rather, the Photo Cutout can be implemented on any image be it digitally saved or internet acquired. Written below is an in-depth coverage of how to use Photo Cutout on an iPhone.

iPhone: How to Use Photo Cutout (2023)

Visual Lookup Trace

Isolating objects from the background to use Photo Cutout on an iPhone is quite simple. A word of advice is that the higher the resolution of your image, the better will be Visual Lookup’s detection efficiency. Better image quality helps iOS 16 to segregate an object/subject with great accuracy. Mostly, this feature comes in handy when you want to separate a subject from the image and use it with a different purpose or context. Maybe you want to create a sticker out of it, send it as the body of a mail, or casually use it on a social media platform as a media message. On certain platforms like Instagram, you can directly post the photo cutout to your feed too.

Copying and Sharing the Subject Photo Cutout

Follow these exact steps to create your desired subject Photo Cutout:

  • Go to the Photos App and open the Image you want a Subject from.
  • Simply Press and Hold the Subject which you want to cut out of the photo.
  • After the subject is detected, a white outline will appear traced around the subject indicating the portion that will be cut out from the image.
  • A pop-up window on the selected subject will emerge with two options: Copy, and Share.
  • Press on Copy to copy the image cutout to iPhone’s Clipboard.
  • Now you can paste this cutout on any app which allows media interactions.

In the case of direct sharing:

  • If you press Share instead of Copy you get an option to Save the Image.
  • Otherwise, you can share this photo cutout through Mail directly or on other media-sharing platforms.

This is all there is to using any Photo Cutout on an iPhone and creating your own real-life custom templates. Make your photos livelier, funnier, and full of life. Read more on iPhone guides, and check our daily updates by learning How to scan a document on the iPhone 14 Pro.