How to Use Safety Check on iPhone (2023)

Learn how to keep your personal information safe in our guide to use Safety Check on iPhone.

Safety Check function of the iPhone is a privacy feature built to stop access to your personal information and data by individual people or apps. It lets you review and update people trusted with access to your information. For apps, it detects what permissions an app has to which feature. This privacy function is established in order to avoid abusive situations via iPhone and sustain your personal safety. Safety Check can immediately stop sharing crucial information all at once to every app or person with access. Moreover, you can manage who you are sharing information with specifically, and restrict certain people from messaging or Facetiming you. It also helps you to reset your Apple ID Passwords, device passcodes, or privacy permissions to apps on your system. Let’s look into a deeper insight to enable and use Safety Check on your iPhone.

iPhone: How to Use Safety Check (2023)

safety check option

You can use Safety Check on your iPhone to instantly reset all access to your information or tweak permissions for particular apps. The key apps in light are Photos, Health, Home, Shared Albums, Calendars, Find My Shared Locations, and Notes. All of these apps have tons of your personal details recorded and are capable of sharing them directly with other people. Safety Check disables these apps to share any information further. For the Apple ID, it lets you log out of all devices signed in with your account, and review & update your emergency contacts.

Emergency Resetting All Shared Information

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Privacy and Security.
  • Move down and select Safety Check.
  • Two Options will appear – Emergency Reset and Manage Sharing and Access.
  • Choose Emergency Reset to disable all information access to every app and individual.
  • Select Start Emergency Reset to proceed.

Customize Sharing and Access

  • Head to Settings > Privacy and Security > Safety Check again.
  • Select Manage Sharing and Access.
  • In Step 1, review and update what information you are sharing with people from the Health, Photos, Find My, Notes, Calendar, and Home Apps.
  • Moving to Step 2, manage which apps have access to your information with what permissions.

So, folks, that is all on how to use Safety Check on your iPhone to regulate your privacy. For more information on iPhone and daily tech updates, read our guide on How to use Emergency SOS via Satellite on your iPhone.