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Best Games like Bitlife Life Simulator on Android and iOS

Looking for some quality Life Simulator games like Bitlife that can be good alternatives on Android and iOS? Here’s the list of some of the best choices.



games like bitlife that are similar

Bitlife is a life simulator mobile game where you can live various lives, make different decisions, and get unique experiences and outcomes. It’s mainly text-based so its audience can be pretty niche. However, if you are ready to expand your horizons and are looking for the best games like Bitlife, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most popular and similar Android and iOS games that you may enjoy, including some that are not text-based but equally addictive.

Best Games like Bitlife

The Sims Mobile

the sims mobile game like bitlife

The Sims Mobile (Free with in-app purchases) is a life simulation game where you can create and control characters, build their homes, and guide them through their lives. Like BitLife, The Sims Mobile allows you to make choices that affect your character’s relationships, career, and overall happiness. However, The Sims Mobile is more focused on building and customizing your character’s home and world, while BitLife is more focused on making life choices and seeing how they play out.


choices life sim game

Choices (Free with in-app purchases) is a visual novel game where you play through interactive stories, making choices that affect the outcome of the story. Like BitLife, Choices offers a variety of stories in different genres, from romance to mystery to fantasy. But, this one is more focused on following pre-written stories, while BitLife allows you to create your own story from scratch based on your own actions.

Dream House Days

Dream House Days

Dream House Days (Free with in-app purchases) is a life simulation game where you design and decorate your dream home, build a family, and pursue your career goals. Similar to BitLife, Dream House Days allows you to make choices that affect your character’s life, but it is more focused on home design and family life.

Another Life – Life Simulator

Another Life – Life Simulator

This life simulator is an addictive game that can be the best choice if you’re searching for games like Bitlife. Live multiple lives, make choices that affect your character’s life, and see the interesting consequences.

The Life Simulator

The Life Simulator Game

The Life Simulator is a realistic life simulation game where you can choose to live a rag-to-riches story – from a bench to mansion life. This game proves to be educational in a way because of its subtle lessons on financial investment, time management, health, happiness, wealth, and much more. It has loads of features including the option to trade stocks, unlockable perks, unique starting life scenarios, etc. If this sounds intriguing, go ahead and download the game right away.

Life Simulator 3

Life Simulator 3

Life Simulator 3 has over 130 career options for your character, various educational paths, options to socialize with friends, date them and even move in together. You can make decisions like getting your own place, becoming a celebrity, go shopping, getting into relationships, starting a family, getting cute pets, and much more. Give this game a try if you are looking for something similar but also slightly different from Bitlife.

Nirvana – Game of Life

nirvana game of life

Nirvana – Game of Life is a life simulation and adventure game that combines elements of classic board games like “Game of Life” with interactive storytelling and unique mechanics. You play as a soul that travels through different bodies and lives throughout the game’s narrative. As you make key decisions at various points in each life, it affects your character’s relationships, career, achievements, and ultimately, their happiness and success.

These were some of the best games like Bitlife Life Simulator that can provide similar as well as slightly unique experiences to players each time. If you’re also interested in other genres, here are the most anticipated iOS games to look forward to.

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