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Soulmask: How to Kill a Tortoise

Not able to get through the hard shell of the creature? These tips should help!



elite tortoise soulmask

The Tortoise and its Elite version in Soulmask can drop some useful materials like the Premium Turtle Shell, Rare Turtle Shell, Rare Fresh Meat and Premium Beast Blood. The Turtle Shell is required to craft a Bronze costume, meanwhile the Premium Turtle Shell is needed to create an Iron Costume, so it is quite crucial to defeat some Tortoises no matter how gentle they look.

While these are slow creatures, they aren’t any less dangerous. Doing enough damage can be tricky especially since it can heal itself over time. Here’s how to kill a Tortoise so you can harvest resources from it easily.

soulmask tortoise drops and harvest loot

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How to Kill a Tortoise in Soulmask

Since the Tortoise retract themselves into their shell (and flip over) when they’re in danger, they can quickly rotate to damage your character if you’re not careful. You will need several blows with your Hammer and some dodge rolls to evade the tortoise’s attacks. You can also attack it with your Gauntlets from the back.

use a hammer to kill tortoise and get turtle shell

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Blade weapons will not be useful here, so go for a good Hammer/Gauntlets and fight the Tortoise again by landing back-to-back attacks. Make sure you have some bandages ready in case you get hit.

Apart from spinning on its back, if the tortoise is in its original position, it can even bite you if you’re in front of it. The part that makes this fight slightly tougher is that the creature will start healing itself while it’s in its shell, effectively reversing your efforts.

The Solar Protection Mastery will help you enter a Superarmor status that reduces DMG taken by 50%, which will come in handy during this fight.

So, in short, attack the Tortoise with a Hammer or Gauntlets from the back, dodge when it spins and keep hitting to kill the Tortoise in Soulmask easily. If you’re having trouble defeating Horned Eagles in the game, here’s how to make it happen.

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