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How to Kill Horned Eagles in Soulmask

Not sure how to deal with the Horned Eagles in Soulmask? It’s all about timing!



how to kill horned eagles soulmask

The Horned Eagle is a dangerous and aggressive animal in Soulmask, with some areas having Elite versions as well. These creatures drop Premium Feather (used in crafting Iron Arrows, Big Iron Arrows, and Chill Proof Mod 2) as well as Rare Feather which is required to create Steel Arrow and Big Steel Arrow.

So, if your character is archery focused, you will absolutely need this material, but taking down the eagle can be intimidating. Here’s how to defeat and kill Horned Eagle in Soulmask.

How to Kill Horned Eagles

While attacking with ranged weapons might be your first thought, using a hammer can actually prove to be effective against Horned Eagles. That’s because when the bird flies lower, you can do a good deal of damage with it.

As shown by YouTuber wak4863, if you’re having trouble killing the Horned Eagle, use a hammer to deal double damage—once at the initial hit and the second one on the ground. This is all about timing and may need some tries from your end. Make sure you are dodging and blocking their attacks and healing yourself whenever there’s a gap between their swoop movement.

Another reason why you’re not able to defeat Horned Eagle is that you are under-leveled. It’s recommended to be at least at Bronze level of gear to have a chance to beat this enemy.

Of course, if you’re more focused on ranged damage, you can use a Spear or bow and arrows to deal damage and roll aside as the bird approaches you.

elite horned eagle

image source: Horizon Gaming on YouTube

This Elite version of Horned Eagle can be found in some Beast Lairs and they are at level 40+. The materials you can get from defeating the Elite creature are:

  • Rare Feather
  • Rare Claw
  • Horned Eagle Feather
  • Rare Fresh Meat
  • Rare Beast Bone
  • Rare Beast Blood

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