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Agario Cheats, Tips and Tricks To Get Big

If you want to get larger faster in, there are useful some tips you can keep in mind.



agar io tips and tricks to get big

Since is an MMO game where you start off as a small cell that eats other players to grow larger, many gamers are searching for Agario cheats, codes, tips and tricks to get big fast. While there are some unofficial ways to increase your cell’s size, it’s an online multiplayer game after all and that comes with risks of using third-party mods or extensions. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Agario Cheats, Codes and Hacks – Should you use them?

You will find plenty of scripts, cheat codes, and mods for online which will claim to help you increase mass, movement speed, and change the split timer but it’s highly recommended to avoid using them. That’s because they could be sources of malware, viruses and scams. Plus, using exploits gives an unfair advantage over players who are genuinely trying to get better at the game.

So, using cheats or hacks in goes against the spirit of fair play and can ruin the experience for others. It can also lead to consequences like account bans or even infections on your PC or Mobile device.

how to grow larger in size in agar io

The only Agario cheats players need to know are tips and tricks that others at the top of the leaderboard follow to get big in size.

Agario Tips and Tricks

There are no shortcuts to improve your skills and it will come with practice and by following careful strategies to grow bigger organically. Here are some legitimate tips that will help you get there.

How do you get good at

Start small and eat small: Focus on consuming smaller blobs strategically to grow gradually. Don’t go after cells aggressively, just casually consume those in your way. This is the best approach for tiny cells.

split cells in agario

Split wisely: Once you are considerably bigger in size, use splitting to escape dangers, chase prey, or grab multiple pellets.

cell in the corner of a map

Learn the map: Understand the layout and use it to your advantage. Make sure you are not backed up into a corner. Remember that you are faster when you are smaller, so plan your moves with that in mind.

agario cheats hacks mods

Be patient: Growing big takes time and practice. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks.

Corner trapping: Lure opponents into corners and split to trap them.

Baiting: Pretend to be weak to lure larger players close before splitting and attacking.

Teaming strategies: Coordinate with teammates to trap, surround, or distract enemies. Lurk near viruses and wait for unsuspecting prey. When larger players approach to consume the virus, split and attack them while distracted.

hiding inside virus as a small cell

Hide when small: Viruses offer temporary protection. When chased by a larger player, enter a virus to shield yourself from their mass. They cannot consume you while inside.

Virus technique: When you eat a virus (the green spiky circles), you gain some mass which is great for your growth. Note that smaller players cannot consume viruses, while larger ones will split upon contact. Use them accordingly because they can be offensive or defensive tools. Adapt your approach based on your size and situation. Here’s a video that will help you get started with the Virus technique and how to eat them.

These were the Agario tips and tricks to get big that you can keep in mind during your next gaming session. If you enjoy playing mobile games like Agario, you might also like to check out some of the best games like Bitlife Life Simulator.

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