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Aura Craft: What is Nil + Nil Aura?



nil aura in aura craft recipe

Aura Craft is packed with 250+ elements that can be unlocked via interesting crafting recipes. However, one element that has caught the attention of players is ‘Nil + Nil’ or ‘Nil’ in Aura Craft. When you go to the area near the lighthouse (with red and white stripes), you may see Nil + Nil but what exactly is it? Here’s everything that’s known.

What is Nil + Nil in Aura Craft Roblox?

Nil + Nil is not an aura in Aura Craft but an indication that you have crafted all the elements. It’s basically a hint shown to tell you that you’ve discovered and crafted all possible auras obtainable as of now. You will be able to craft more only after more auras are added by the developer.

what is nil nil in aura craft

Image credit: NoobBlox on Youtube

How to Get Nil Aura in Aura Craft

As per Roblox Youtuber ItzVexo, there is a Nil aura (different from Nil + Nil) which can be crafted by combining Hidden with Jackpot. Jackpot is an exclusive aura in the Aura Shop and it has a 2% chance of appearing. And since this is luck-based, you will need many rolls to get it. These particular rolls aren’t purchased by coins, but require you to spend Robux, which can be bought with real money.

So in short, with Hidden + Jackpot, you can unlock ‘Nil’ in Aura Craft. If you don’t have ‘Hidden’ yet, you need to combine Darkness with Deception to get it. Our list of Aura Craft recipes has the recipes for Darkness, Deception and more, so be sure to check it out.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get my hands on Jackpot yet, but if you have it, you can try it out and show off the unique aura to your friends.

For a visual guide, here’s a video by ItzVexo:

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