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Difference Between Battle Rifle vs Assault Rifle Explained

Here are the core differences between a Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle and how to pick the best gun for a particular situation.



Battle Rifle vs Assault Rifle In Gaming

If you are new to shooter games, it’s crucial to know the differences between guns, and in this article, we will take a look at Battle Rifle vs Assault Rifle in gaming. Choosing between a battle rifle and an assault rifle can be tricky, as both can be useful in different ways.

Differences between Battle Rifle vs Assault Rifle in Video Games

Let’s dive into their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide which one fits your needs better in games.

Battle Rifle

battle rifle in fps games

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The Battle Rifle provides long-range precision. Since they fire larger cartridges, they are good to take out targets that are at a distance. The trade-off is that BRs are bigger and heavier which makes it harder to control in-game. Since their rate of fire is lower, they are also not ideal for close-range battles or if someone flanks you out of the blue.

In comparison to Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles typically have a smaller magazine capacity so you have to be more careful about your reloading.

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Assault Rifle

assault rifle in fps video games

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The Assault Rifle or AR for short is versatile because it offers a good balance in various situations. You get good firing power and handling which will suit most of your combat scenarios.

The Assault Rifles have a higher rate of fire so in case you get flanked or end up in close-quarter combat, you know that you have a chance. Weight-wise, they are typically lighter and more compact than BRs so you can move around faster than with the other gun. Their recoil is also relatively small.

Which is better between BR and AR?

br vs ar in video games like cod

The answer, of course, depends on your situation, objective, and requirement.

In simple terms, the assault rifle has small bullets and a large magazine which means you can shoot at a lot of enemies in one go. This is best for close to mid-range encounters. Whereas, the battle rifle has bigger bullets but a smaller magazine which means you can only shoot at one at a time. Ideal for mid to long-range.

So, if you are prioritizing long-range precision and picking off targets from afar, then you can go for Battle Rifles in the game. This is for those types of methodical players who prefer to dominate in long-range and have good aiming skills to kill in one shot.

If you prefer a versatile weapon that excels in both close-quarters and mid-range combat by unleashing a hail of bullets that takes out multiple enemies fast, then go for Assault Rifles. Whether you’re a run-and-gunner or a tactical flanker, an assault rifle can adapt to your preferred playstyle.

These types of weapons are available in various games such as Modern Warfare, Halo, Insurgency, etc. Hopefully, this information helped you decide your playstyle and how you want to approach your targets.

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