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Best Amulets In Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

Here are the Amulets you need to equip and use first in The Lost Crown.



best amulets in prince of persia the lost crown

Having the best Amulets in Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown can change your combat due to the various perks and boosts that you can unlock via these accessories. Some Amulets take up one slot, while some take two or even three, and so, here’s a list of the best ones to pick to make Sargon as powerful as possible.

Best Amulets in Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown (Locations and Slots)

As of now, there are 38 Amulets in the game and here are the best ones that we think you should equip first. These amulets will come in handy to protect Sargon in dire situations or help Sargon unleash hell upon enemies. 

Dragon King

dragon king amulet location

Dragon King provides a one-time protection from a killing blow by restoring a small amount of health. Regenerates at Wak-Wak Trees. You need 3 slots for this one.

Location: This amulet is located in the Sacred Archives in a passageway towards the west and you need to start the Moon Gatherer side quest to get your hands on it.

Shield of Mithra

shield of mithra

With Shield of Mithra, a successful parry creates a small time bubble, slowing all enemies within it. You need 3 slots for this one.

Location: When you complete Ancient Power Unleashed for Kaheva the Blacksmith, you will unlock this amulet.

shield of mithra map location the lost crown


blessing amulet prince of persia lost crown

Blessing grants you an additional health chunk that can only be refilled when resting at Wak-Wak trees. It only requires 1 amulet slot.

Location: Find the shopkeeper in The Haven; he sells items and potion upgrades and he will give you this Blessing amulet as well.

mage location on map

Blade Dancer

blade dancer

Blade Dancer lets you land a fourth attack at the end of a standard combo. Press X/Square right when the third attack hits the enemy. You need 2 slots for this one.

Location: This amulet is available in Lower City and can be obtained after you beat enemies sent by Anahita while you’re on track to “go through the Sacred Archives to reach the Upper Citadel.”

Four Royal Stars

four royal stars amulet

Four Royal Stars boosts your aerial melee attack damage and requires two slots.

four royal stars location prince of persia

Location: In Upper City, you should be able to find this amulet in a chest present in the first chamber, at the top left section on the map.

Rukhsana’s Gift

rukshanas gift best amulet prince of persia lost crown

This amulet will slightly restore health after a successful parry. This requires 2 slots and will be useful if you’re in need of a bit of healing more often.

Location: This amulet is present in Lower City in a treasure chest. It should be to the west of the marking of the statue and to the east of the doorway icon on the map.

rukshanas gift amulet locations

These were some of our choices of the best amulets in Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown. It’s not to say that the others are bad – it depends on the boosts you currently need and how you want Sargon to perform in combat. For example, you can also go for Indomitable Spirit (moderately increase the power of all melee attacks when health is low) or Gleaming Lion (slightly increase Athra build-up for each successful parry) as per your preferences.

All images are courtesy of Game Guides Channel on Youtube, be sure to check out their video to collect all amulets. Stick around with Gaming Inbox for more latest gaming News and Guides.

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