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Popular And Best Lethal Company Mods To Install

If you want to know which are the best mods for Lethal Company, this is the list you’re looking for.



Best Lethal Company Mods to install

Lethal Company has reached worldwide popularity due to its cooperative survival horror theme, much like Phasmophobia. It received widespread acclaim for its unique blend of space exploration, monster-fighting, and resource gathering. However, if you’ve played this game a lot and are looking for some popular Lethal Company mods to spice things up, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best mods for Lethal Company that you can try out to change various elements like the enemies/creatures to make the game more challenging as well as a lot of different modifications and improvements. While this list is subjective, if you are planning on using mods, this list will help you get started.

Best Lethal Company Mods to Install

ShipLoot: This mod will show you the total scrap value on the ship by adding a small counter below the usual scrap total. It will be shown when you scan from inside the ship and will always show the exact scrap total you own at that time.

BiggerLobby: As the name suggests, this mod gives you a bigger lobby with up to 40 players. This is perfect for sessions with a huge group of friends. Everybody needs the mod installed, update it to the latest version and you all are good to go!

ReservedFlashlightSlot: This mod gives a free and dedicated Flashlight slot on the right side of your screen. You can toggle it with [F] to activate the Flashlight at anytime. Make sure to read how to use this mod on the official mod page.

BetterStamina: Better Stamina makes stamina consumption/regen better. All values can be change din the config file and all values across clients will be synced with the host. Note that all settings will remain vanilla unless in a lobby where the host has this mod, or if you are the host.

Skinwalkers: Want to make the game even scarier? Try the Skinwalkers mod where the monsters/enemies learn the voices of your friends and mimic them. Ensure that everyone has the mod installed and your mic is enabled in-game.

lethal company mods best and popular

Huntdown: Every day, a mission is give to hunt down a specific monster which drops a scrap reward when hunted. So if you and your friends were looking for an additional challenge, this is one of the best Lethal Company mods to try out as a group. The monsters you can hunt are Bracken, Bunker Spider, Thumper etc. and the fact that almost everything is configurable will be fun for most.

MoreMonsters: This mod allows you to customize how many of each monster spawns, and how frequently a monster will spawn. As you can tell, this is going to make the game way more thrilling than usual.

More Emotes: Yup, you guessed it, this Lethal Company mod gives you more emotes. Certain emotes even produce sounds like footsteps that enemies can hear as well, so be careful when you emote. Some of the emotes in this are the Middle finger, Shy, The Griddy, Twerk, Salute and even the Prisyadka.

More Suits: Tired of the same old suits? This mod adds more suits to choose from and can even be used as a library to load your own suits.

Mimics: This mod adds a terrifying new monster to the game – the Mimic, which “always disguises itself as one thing in particular.” It’s up to you to identify it and survive it.

ReservedWalkieSlot: This mod gives you a free, dedicated item slot for Walkie Talkies and now, your crew members won’t have any excuse to not bring a Walkie talkie with them.

Helmet Cameras: Helmet Cameras mod adds a pov helmet camera for all players, the video from which is displayed on the second large monitor at the ship.

And there you have it! These were our suggestions of the best Lethal Company mods which will elevate your gameplay even further. In case you want to know which are the best indie games on game pass, here’s a list you might want to check out.

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