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Best SMG In COD Mobile

What is the best SMG in COD Mobile? Here are the top guns you should be using.



best smg in cod mobile ranked

COD Mobile has a range of guns but the best one for you depends on your playstyle and preferences. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, but based on community feedback, here are the top picks and recommendations for the best SMG in COD Mobile that you can use in various scenarios.

Best SMG in COD Mobile

Do you prefer to play aggressively by rushing or with strategic positioning? If you’re playing on a smaller map, you may benefit from faster fire rates but bigger maps require higher range and damage. Recoil control is also an important factor that can change things up for beginners, so experiment with different SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile and choose the one that works best for you.


MSMC SMG in COD Mobile

Source: Fandom

A classic SMG is known for its incredibly fast fire rate (it’s faster than FFAR-1) and good mobility, making it a great choice in close-quarters combat. However, its high recoil and low magazine capacity require good control and frequent reloading, and its lack of range can be restrictive for some.


QQ9 Cod Mobile

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The QQ9 is based on the iconic MP5 and offers a great balance of fire rate, damage, and accuracy, making it versatile for various playstyles and especially for short-range. It has a manageable recoil, allowing for sustained firefights even for those who are relatively new to the game.

PP19 Bizon

PP19 Bizon COD Mobile

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This SMG excels in close-quarters dominance with its extremely high fire rate and large magazine capacity. This combo is good for players who prefer to play aggressively because the PP19 Bizon unleashes bullets very fast, effectively melting enemies. With attachments, you can adjust the gun for slightly longer ranges as well.

Switchblade X9

switchblade x9

Source: Fandom

The Switchblade X9 is a versatile gun making it one of the best SMGs in COD Mobile because of its fire modes, decent fire rate, and flexibility. But compared to some other SMGs, it does have a smaller magazine size, slower movement speed and you need good control on its recoil.

HG 40

HG 40 in COD Mobile

Source: Fandom

While it does not have much to boast about damage and fire for an SMG in comparison to others in this list, at mid to longer range it can actually deal significant damage due to its barely-there recoil, reasonable accuracy, and ease of use. This makes it a good choice for bigger maps and players who prefer consistency over mastering high recoil and fire rates. It can be reliable if you prefer strategic positioning over aggressive rushing. It does require good attachments and practice to truly shine.

These were our recommendations for the best SMG in COD Mobile. This list may differ from your opinion based on the meta but in case you’re looking for more options, you can go for other popular choices like the Fennec, PDW-57, Cordite, and CX-9.

If you’re trying to experiment with ARs as well, here are the best Assault Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile that you might want to consider.

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