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Dress To Impress: How To Change Skin Color, Make Up and Hair

Here’s how you can switch up your entire look in Dress To Impress Roblox.



how to get face makeup and hair in dress to impress

Before every new round of ramp walks in Dress to Impress, you can change up everything about your look including your skin color, hairstyle, and of course, your make-up. You cannot miss out on these crucial elements, because they can complete your look and make you a total fashionista.

So, if you’ve already customized your outfit based on the theme but are looking to edit your character’s face and hair in DTI, here’s how to do it easily.

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How to Change Skin Color in Dress to Impress

how to change skin color dress to impress

  1. As soon as you spawn and the timer begins, look for a section called ‘Skin Tones’ which should be near the area where a few tops, pants, shorts, and a fluffy white jacket are kept.
  2. Walk into one of the cylinders and press E to interact.
  3. The skin color palette should open up. Alternatively, you can click on the Color Wheel for more color options.
  4. Make your choice and simply jump out of the cylinder. Your changes should be applied now.

How to Change Make-Up and Hairstyle in Dress to Impress

Now that you’ve got an outfit on and a skin color of your choice, here’s how to get that perfect makeup look and hair style/color.

how to get makeup and hairstyle in dress to impress

  • What you’re looking for is Lana’s Salon which has a separate section for hair and a separate section for makeup.
  • Approach one of the chairs and press E to interact.

changing hair in dress to impress changing makeup in dti roblox

  • Choose the makeup look or hairstyle/wig of your choice — if it fits the required theme then even better!
  • Once you’ve made your decision, jump out of the chair and you’re ready to go!

After all this, you have to simply wait until the timer is over and your character will do a very cool ramp walk when it’s your turn. You can click on some poses to make it even more interactive. And if you get enough votes, you might even win the round!

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