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Essential Mod Not Working? Here’s How To Fix

Try these troubleshooting tips if the Essential mod stops functioning.



essential mod not working minecraft

Essential Mod is a well-known quality-of-life mod for Minecraft that gives you plenty of benefits like hosting Worlds for free without a server, switching between accounts, emotes, cosmetics and much more. Sometimes, though, the Essential Mod stops working, leading to the frustration of fans.

Worry not, because this guide will help you figure out the causes and fix the most common issues that can come up while using Essential Mod.

How to Fix if Essential Mod is Not Working in Minecraft?

There are quite a few reasons why the mod has stopped working properly.

  • Compatibility issues with the Minecraft version you’re using.
  • Conflict with other mods.
  • Issues in the mod itself or version conflict with Forge or Fabric.
  • Corrupted Files.

These are some of the major issues that cause issues with mods in Minecraft. Let’s look into each reason and what we can do to fix the problem.

Compatibility issues

check essential mod version if its not working

Like the base game updates, mods get updates too. So ensure that your mod is compatible with the version of Minecraft you are currently using. If not, update the mod/game and see if it starts working properly after that. You can head over to to check any latest information from the modders.

Conflict with other mods

This could happen with any game that you’re using mods in. There are chances that Essential mod is clashing with some other mod you are using. To test if that’s the culprit behind the errors you’re facing, disable mods one by one to find the problem.

Corrupted Files

Mod files may get corrupted leading to issues while playing the game, including but not limited to crashes. You can try uninstalling the Essential mod and reinstalling it to check if it resolves the issue. Also, ensure that the mod files are downloaded from the official source(s) because you might find scammy websites that may bring malware to your PC.

Version difference with Mod Loaders

If the version of Forge or Fabric you’re using is causing any compatibility issue, then check if the software needs to be updated as well.

It could be a bug

Sometimes, it could be a bug that may get a hotfix soon. Head over to the changelog section to see everything that’s updated by the mod creators.

Join the Discord Community for additional info

join essential mod discord community

To find out if it’s a problem that all mod-users are facing, join the Discord community which has 237,700+ members, with more than 57,000 online at the time of writing. It’s the best place to ask for help, share reports or experiences, and get useful tips from others.

That’s everything you can do if Essential Mod is not working for you in Minecraft. In case none of these steps work, you can send a tweet to @essentialmod and they may assist you further.

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