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How to Find, Catch and Breed Tocotoco in Palworld

Not sure where to get Tocotoco? Here’s everything you need to know.



Tocotoco in the party of pals in palworld

Tocotoco in Palworld is a neutral type pal that equips to the player and transforms into an egg launcher, as part of its Eggbomb Launcher partner skill. Due to its explosive nature that’s helpful in combat and drops, it’s a sought-after Pal by players, and in this guide, find out how to get and breed Tocotoco easily.

Tocotoco shooting out eggs as an egg launcher

How to Find and Catch Tocotoco in Palworld

Here’s the map location to find Tocotoco.

Tocotoco map location


It is mostly found in the northeastern region of the map as well as a small section in the central area. Since the other desert is pretty vast, you might have better chances of finding this Pal in the smaller region.

Once you head there, use the weapon you have to whittle down its health and capture it in your Pal Sphere. Make sure to do it from a distance because Tocotoco can explode (after a short timer) if it’s near you. You can also use some Dark Pals like Daedream and Tombat to fight Tocotoco and catch it easily.

Tocotoco can explode near the player

Make sure to get away from exploding Tocotocos / Source: LunarGaming Guides

How to Breed Tocotoco

Here are the Pal Breeding Combos that can give you Tocotoco:

  • Lifmunk x Tanzee
  • Lifmunk x Gumoss
  • Teafant x Woolipop
  • Cattiva x Fuddler
  • Fuack x Pengullet
  • Chikipi x Woolipop
  • Lamball x Fuddler

How to Use Tocotoco as a Parent Pal

Here are the combinations and offspring that you can get when you use Tocotoco as one of the parents in breeding.

  • Tocotoco + Lamball = Flambelle
  • Tocotoco + Penking = Caprity
  • Tocotoco + Celaray = Lunaris
  • Tocotoco + Lifmunk = Depresso
  • Tocotoco + Melpaca = Lunaris
  • Tocotoco + Chikipi = Hangyu
  • Tocotoco + Nitewing = Reindrix

That was all about finding, catching, and breeding this particular Pal. For more such breeding combinations to get powerful Pals, check out our guides on Gaming Inbox.

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