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How To Make Stardew Valley In Infinite Craft

Stardew Valley is one of the most popular farm life simulation games where you can explore, interact with the townspeople, customize and enjoy the calming atmosphere it has to offer. This is how to make it in Infinite Craft.



how to make stardew valley infinite craft

A game within a game?! Yep, after crafting Roblox, and Fortnite, you can also make a cozy game in Infinite Craft and that’s Stardew Valley. Before even getting started, I was hoping Farm would be part of the combination, but considering how this game has some out-of-the-box thinking involved, you never know! Here are the ingredients, and recipe combos that you need to know to make Stardew Valley in Infinite Craft.

How to Make Stardew Valley in Infinite Craft

Combine Chucklefish and Ghostwriter to get Stardew Valley as a block. And yes, Farm is a part of the combinations, so let’s get right to the steps involved.

Ingredient 1Ingredient 2Resulting Block
Earth Wind Dust
Fire Water Steam
Dust Earth Planet
Water Water Lake
Planet Steam Steampunk
Lake Water Ocean
Ocean Steampunk Steampunk Pirate
Earth Water Plant
Plant Steampunk Pirate Steampunk Plant
Fire Wind Smoke
Plant Steam Tea
Smoke Steampunk Plant Steampunk Tree
Dust Water Mud
Earth Tea Teapot
Mud Steampunk Tree Swamp
Plant Wind Dandelion
Ocean Ocean Sea
Earth Fire Lava
Swamp Teapot Witch
Dust Plant Pollen
Planet Wind Storm
Dandelion Dandelion Dandelion Patch
Lava Sea Stone
Steam Steampunk Pirate Steampunk Pirate Ship
Dust Witch Broom
Pollen Smoke Bee
Storm Tea Tempest
Dandelion Patch Lake Duck
Steampunk Pirate Ship Stone Stonehenge
Broom Dust Clean
Bee Wind Breeze
Plant Tempest Tree
Duck Water Duckling
Steam Stonehenge Time
Breeze Clean Fresh
Dust Tree Wood
Duck Duckling Family
Fresh Time Fruit
Fire Wood Campfire
Earth Family Farm
Fruit Lava Peach
Tea Tempest Typhoon
Steampunk Tree Swamp Tree of Life
Campfire Earth Charcoal
Earth Farm Field
Peach Steam Pie
Lava Typhoon Volcano
Steam Tree of Life Evolution
Plant Swamp Venus Flytrap
Charcoal Swamp Peat
Field Steam Fog
Pie Wind Piece of Cake
Dust Volcano Ash
Evolution Time Human
Fire Steam Engine
Steampunk Pirate Wind Airship
Tree Venus Flytrap Carnivore
Fog Peat Scotch
Piece of Cake Smoke Smoking
Ash Dust Cinder
Engine Human Mechanic
Airship Fire Crash
Carnivore Wind Vulture
Lava Scotch Whiskey
Smoke Smoking Smoker
Cinder Stone Glass
Crash Mechanic Repair
Mud Steampunk Plant Swamp Thing
Carnivore Vulture Hyena
Smoker Whiskey Writer
Glass Lake Mirror
Repair Repair Fix
Hyena Swamp Thing Chuckle
Mirror Writer Ghostwriter
Chuckle Fix Chucklefish
Chucklefish Ghostwriter Stardew Valley
making chucklefish recipe

Screenshot by Gaming Inbox

crafting recipe combo to make stardew valley infinite craft

Screenshot by Gaming Inbox

That was the entire process to get Stardew Valley in Infinite Craft. Looking for more crafts? Here are the recipes and steps to create Taylor SwiftKanye, Lotus FlowerChurchRoblox, and even Destruction in Infinite Craft.

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