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How Old is Nilou in Genshin Impact?

Find out if Nilou’s age in Genshin Impact is known, and what could be her height, birthday and more.



how old is nilou genshin impact

Nilou is a popular 5-star hydro character in Genshin Impact who is a dancer at the Zubayr Theatre and wields a Sword for combat. This character was released on October 14, 2022, and ever since then, players have been curious to know many things about this female fighter. Here’s how old is Nilou in Genshin Impact as well as her birthday, height, special dish, and more.

How old is Nilou in Genshin Impact?

Nilou’s exact age in Genshin Impact isn’t explicitly mentioned in the game, but her character profile describes her as a Young Girl. This term is used for a bunch of other characters who are generally understood to be teenagers so she is speculated to be between 17 to 20 years of age.

how old and how tall is nilou genshin

Source: Genshin Impact

What is Nilou’s birthday?

Nilou’s birth date is December 3rd.

How tall is Nilou?

Nilou’s height is approximately 5’3″ (161 cm). This information isn’t officially confirmed by the developer, but it’s based on comparisons with other characters of known height.

Nilou’s Special Dish

Swirling Steps is her special food item which decreases all party members’ climbing and sprinting Stamina consumption by 25% for 1500s.

When you cook Padisarah Pudding with Nilou, you can get Swirling Steps. And if you play the game on her birthday, you can collect it in your mail in-game. The Padisarah Pudding recipe can be made with the ingredients 2x Padisarah, 1 Sumeru Rose, 1 Milk, and 1 Sugar.

Who are Nilou’s Voice Actors?

The English Voice Actor is Dani Chambers and the Japanese Voice Actor is Kanemoto Hisako.

Dani Chambers has voiced a lot of famous characters from games and anime. She’s also Caramel Arrow Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Arlan in Honkai Star Rail, and Timerra in Fire Emblem Engage.

Kanemoto Hisako has voiced Yunifi in Unicorn Overload, Djeeta in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Seven in Sword Art Online: Last Recollection, and much more.

Who is Nilou?

Nilou is a sweet, innocent, and interesting character. She combines her friendly personality with unexpected strength and a captivating dance style. In combat, she unleashes powerful Hydro damage but requires careful team planning to maximize her potential.

These were all the basics to know about this character! If you’re curious to know more about Genshin Impact character ages, heights, and birthdays, be sure to check back here soon.

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