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How To Change Crosshair In The Finals

This is how you can customize your crosshair in The Finals.

In The Finals, changing your crosshair is a simple and straightforward process. As you already know, having the best crosshair that suits your playstyle and requirements can be a game-changer for competitive online shooters. A good crosshair along with the right settings for sensitivity, the right keybinds and more can help you land better shots, and with practice – lead to more wins in matches.

If you want to experiment with your reticle and customize it further, here’s how to make it happen easily.

How to Change Crosshair in The Finals

1. Open the Settings:

how to customize crosshair the finals

Hit Escape and go to Settings from the menu that appears.

2. Navigate to the Crosshair options:

best crosshair settings the finals pc
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Within the settings menu, you’ll find various tabs. Look for the one labeled Gameplay. Under this tab, you’ll find the Crosshair section.

3. Customize your crosshair:

The Crosshair section offers various options to customize your aiming experience. Here’s a glimpse of what you can adjust.

  • Color: Select a color that stands out against the environment for better visibility.
  • Outline Width: Make the outline thicker or thinner depending on your liking.
  • Center Dot: Enable or disable a central dot for more precise aiming.

4. Preview and apply:

As you adjust the settings, you’ll see a real-time preview of the modified crosshair on the right side of the screen. Once you’re satisfied with your crosshair configuration, go back and your changes should be automatically saved.

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Best Crosshair Settings in The Finals for PC

Here are our suggestions of the best crosshair settings that you need to change to in The Finals.

  • Width: 1
  • Outline Width: 1
  • Red: 0
  • Green: 255
  • Blue: 0
  • Red Outline: 0
  • Green Outline: 0
  • Blue Outline: 0
  • Center Dot: On
  • Center Dot Radius: 2
  • Opacity: 85

You can test your new crosshair in the Practice Arena before jumping into real matches which will let you refine your settings and ensure they work as expected in various combat situations. I hope this information helps you customize your crosshair in The Finals and improve your aiming accuracy.

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