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How to Make Japan in Infinite Craft – Fastest Recipe

Here's the recipe combination to get Japan as an element in this game.

You can make lots of countries in this game and one of the most-searched-for places is Japan in Infinite Craft. Since the process isn’t very obvious, players are understandably confused about the steps to unlock the Japan element. Thankfully, the process of making it is easy – all you need to do is mix Asia with Volcano. Here’s the recipe to make it happen and some more combinations with other elements.

How to Make Japan in Infinite Craft

  • Combine Fire with Fire to make Volcano
  • Next, mix Water with Water to get Lake
  • Mixing Volcano with Lake gives you Island
  • Island + Earth gives you Continent
  • Combine Earth with Earth to get Mountain
  • Continent + Mountain creates Asia
  • Finally, combining Asia with Volcano unlocks Japan

Recipes to Craft with Japan

Here are some combinations that you can try that have Japan as an ingredient in the recipes.

recipe combos to make japan infinity craft
Screenshot by Gaming Inbox
  • Japan + Asia = Tokyo
  • Japan + Water = Tsunami
  • Japan + Fire = Godzilla
  • Japan + Wind = Typhoon
  • Japan + Fog = Samurai
  • Japan + Venus = Geisha
  • Japan + Mud = Sumo
  • Japan + Volcano = Mount Fuji
  • Japan + Angel = Anime
  • Japan + Mountain = Fuji
  • Japan + Samurai = Katana
  • Japan + Engine = Toyota
  • Japan + Tsunami = Disaster
  • Japan + Game = Nintendo

And of course, lots more can be made with this element so go ahead and explore the combinations with the blocks you’ve unlocked! If you are on a spree of collecting new elements, you might want to explore our Infinite Craft guides¬†section for more inspiration.

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