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How To Get Free Steam Keys?

Is there a way to get and redeem free CD keys, codes and keys for Steam games?



how to get free steam keys

In PC gaming, Steam keys are what you need to unlock a game on the platform. It’s a unique activation code that you can use to unlock access to DLCs, expansions, and other in-game items or features as well. Usually, you have to purchase keys and redeem them. However, many are wondering how to get free Steam keys and that is exactly what we will share in this guide.

how to find free steam keys

Where can I get Steam keys for free?

  • Legit Giveaways
  • Promotions from Steam
  • Getting Gifts from Friends
  • Beta Testing Sign-Ups
  • Official Game Surveys and Feedback

There are various paid ways to get Steam Keys and that’s by buying them from authorized retailers, Humble Bundle, or even the websites of the game publishers/developers. But if you’re looking to get free Steam keys, you have to check for giveaways and promotions by retailers, streamers, devs, or Steam itself because they sometimes offer either free or discounted keys.

You can also sign up for game beta testing programs because although not guaranteed, some programs reward testers with free copies of the final game when it releases.

Plus, if you are active on a Steam game’s forum or Reddit, community members sometimes share spare keys or organize giveaways.

steam CD keys for games

Source: rebellion support

Some websites and platforms might offer Steam keys as a reward for completing surveys or sharing your gaming opinions. However, make sure to rely only on reputable sources to avoid getting invalid codes or getting scammed. You might find many third-party sites or generators claiming to give you free Steam keys online but if it’s not from the main sources or not from a trusted influencer, it’s best to avoid it. Don’t put your personal information or card details anywhere else.

Another thing to remember is that some Steam keys may have regional restrictions, so make sure to check before purchasing or redeeming any keys.

Lastly, if a friend wants to gift you a Steam key, it’s possible! Technically it’s not a key, but the game itself.

If you’re the one doing the gifting, start the process of adding a game to the cart and then select the option to Purchase as a gift. Next, select the friend you want to gift it to and hit Continue. Type a custom message if you’d like and complete the purchase. Once this is done, your friend will get an email informing them that they have received a gift with a link to redeem it.

And that’s everything to know about how to get free Steam keys, and how to be careful while going about it. If you’re also wondering how long do Steam refunds take, here’s an article that explains all about it.

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