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How to Get Freedom in Aura Craft Roblox (Recipe Guide)

Know the step by step recipe to create Freedom.



how to get freedom in roblox aura craft

Aura Craft is all about combination crafting (similar to Infinite Craft) where you combine different elemental blocks to create unique new outcomes. One such result is Freedom and it can be confusing to make because the ingredients aren’t too obvious. If you want the Freedom element in your collection, here’s the quick Aura Craft recipe to follow.

Aura Craft Recipe to Get Freedom

  1. Start with mixing Earth with Water to create Plant. Earth and Water are the base elements so you should have them already.
  2. Combine Time with Plant to make Life. If you don’t have Time yet, wait for a minute and it will be automatically unlocked.
    rare auras shop
  3. Then visit the Rare Auras Shop and get the Sad and Cycle Auras. You will have to roll for them with coins as shown in the pop-up window.
    sad and cycle rare auras
  4. Mix Sad with Cycle. This will create the Joy element.

    life and joy elements

    image credit: MySpaceGuide on Youtube

  5. Combine Joy with Life to get Freedom, signified by an Eagle emoji.

That’s basically everything you need to do! If you don’t have enough coins, you can either grind the game to earn them over time or spend Robux to get them instantly. Aura Craft will reward you with coins just for playing, so the more playtime you have, the more coins you will get. Aside from this, coins will also appear on the map, so be sure to collect them.

Then when you visit the shop, you’ll see that you have a 2% chance to get Pure, an 18% chance for Cycle, and an 80% chance to get Sad. If you roll for auras and get duplicates, you will get a coin reward instead.

With that done, don’t forget to check out the Roblox Aura Craft recipes list which has the cheat sheet to unlock lots of new auras easily.

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