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How to Get Houdini Ribbon in Bitlife

Unlocking the Houdini ribbon is not an easy feat but it can be done if you keep the following things in mind.



how to get houdini ribbon bitlife

In Bitlife, Ribbons are rewards that show up around your gravestone when your character dies. The way you live your virtual life is what affects the Ribbon that appears. If you’ve got your eyes on the purple Houdini ribbon in Bitlife with an unlocked lock emoji, know that it’s a difficult one that requires you to escape from prison many times. Here’s how to make it happen.

How to Get Houdini Ribbon in Bitlife

In short, to unlock the Houdini ribbon, you need to commit crimes, get arrested, go to prison, escape, and repeat this process a lot of times.

How to get started:

  • Start a new life and keep aging up until you can commit some crimes.
  • You can start with basic crimes like pickpocketing and shoplifting and then get arrested.
  • Then once you are arrested, escape from prison successfully. You can do this by choosing the Escape option from the menu.
  • Play the mini-game and escape before you’re caught by the guard.
  • Then, do it again and again. Keep getting arrested for minor crimes, and escape until you’ve done this at least 10 times. This should hopefully unlock the Houdini ribbon for you.

It’s important to note that you commit these crimes when you’re able to get into juvenile detention because escaping from there is easier than the higher-level jails. Your age matters, so make sure to take that into consideration.

Plus, avoid committing major crimes like murder because it can lead to problems with escaping from maximum security jail.

Another thing to remember is to stay healthy while you are incarcerated because you do want to escape multiple times from there.

bitlife god mode

If you’re using Bitlife’s God Mode (a paid feature), here’s a faster method:

Set Up Difficult Parents – Change your character’s parents to have low happiness and generosity, and high craziy levels. This might lead to getting sent to juvenile detention for bad behavior.

Get Arrested by Parents – Annoy your parents repeatedly until they turn you in, sending you to juvenile detention.

Escape and Repeat – Escape from juvenile detention and get sent back by your parents. Repeat until you’ve escaped ten times.

Both Jailbird and Houdini ribbons in Bitlife are dependent on your character’s criminal behavior, but there’s a key difference in difficulty. Jailbird is the easier one to get and requires escaping at least twice.

So, as you can tell, this is a rare ribbon, awarded for achieving legendary escape artist status. If you’re ready to get on this journey, follow the steps in this guide.

At the end of the day, consistency and some luck are key to getting the Houdini ribbon in Bitlife.

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