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How to Make Justin Bieber in Infinite Craft

Looking for the recipe to create Justin Bieber element in this game? We’ve got you covered.



how to make justin bieber infinite craft

Justin Bieber is a pop icon whose talent was discovered as a teenager and his success has been unprecedented since then. With an estimated 140 million records sold, he stands as one of the best-selling music artists globally. As you can craft various famous artists in this game, this guide will explain how to make Justin Bieber in Infinite Craft. Here are all the recipe combos to do and ingredients to have.

recipe combinations to get justin bieber element

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How to Make Justin Bieber in Infinite Craft

Combining Canadian with Prince will unlock the Justin Bieber element.

Ingredient 1Ingredient 2Result
Earth Wind Dust
Fire Water Steam
Dust Earth Planet
Water Water Lake
Earth Water Plant
Planet Steam Steampunk
Lake Water Ocean
Plant Steam Tea
Planet Wind Storm
Ocean Steampunk Steampunk Pirate
Storm Tea Tempest
Plant Plant Tree
Earth Fire Lava
Steampunk Pirate Wind Airship
Tea Tempest Typhoon
Dust Tree Wood
Airship Lava Dragon
Plant Wind Dandelion
Fire Typhoon Volcano
Fire Wood Campfire
Dandelion Dragon Dragonfly
Lake Ocean Sea
Dust Volcano Ash
Campfire Earth Charcoal
Dragonfly Dust Fairy
Dandelion Dandelion Dandelion Patch
Dust Lake Mud
Lava Sea Stone
Ash Dust Cinder
Charcoal Dust Diamond
Airship Fire Crash
Fairy Plant Flower
Dandelion Patch Lake Duck
Steam Steampunk Pirate Steampunk Pirate Ship
Dust Plant Pollen
Dust Mud Clay
Cinder Stone Glass
Crash Diamond Emerald
Flower Steam Perfume
Duck Water Duckling
Steampunk Pirate Ship Stone Stonehenge
Clay Pollen Pot
Glass Lake Mirror
Emerald Steam Gem
Mud Water Swamp
Perfume Water Scent
Duck Duckling Family
Steam Stonehenge Time
Mirror Pot Potato
Gem Wind Kite
Planet Planet Star
Fire Wind Smoke
Scent Swamp Skunk
Steam Typhoon Cloud
Earth Family Farm
Planet Time Universe
Kite Potato Potato Chip
Smoke Star Comet
Cloud Skunk Smell
Earth Farm Field
Plant Sea Coral
Tempest Wind Tornado
Steam Universe Black Hole
Ocean Potato Chip Salt
Comet Volcano Meteor
Smell Volcano Sulfur
Field Steam Fog
Coral Wind Coral Reef
Black Hole Tornado Singularity
Meteor Salt Seasoning
Fire Steam Engine
Fog Sulfur Acid
Coral Reef Steam Fish
Seasoning Singularity Spice
Acid Engine Battery
Plant Swamp Venus Flytrap
Fish Lake Fishing
Engine Spice V8
Battery Diamond Drill
Tornado Venus Flytrap Funnel Cake
Engine Fishing Fishing Rod
Ash V8 Vulcan
Drill Mirror Periscope
Funnel Cake Tree Maple
Fishing Rod Swamp Frog
Periscope Vulcan Spock
Maple Tornado Maple Leaf
Frog Smoke Prince
Maple Leaf Spock Canadian
Canadian  Prince  Justin Bieber

That’s all for this one! If you’d like to craft more artists and celebrities, here’s how to make Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg,  Kim KardashianKanye West and Taylor Swift. Head over to our Infinite Craft recipe guides on Gaming Inbox for more!

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