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How to Get More Views in Content Warning Game

Using the Dive Bell to head downwards and detect paranormal activity but not able to go viral in Content Warning? These are the things you are possibly missing.

To go viral and become famous on Spooktube, you need to get more views in Content Warning. But if you’re not sure how to do that, your journey to the Old World will be confusing and prove to be not so fruitful. So, if you are new to the genre or a co-op game like this, here are some tips for getting more views as a horror content creator.

How Do I Get More Views in Content Warning?

To go viral in Content Warning, you need:

  • Better quality of videos, so invest in good equipment
  • An intro and outro of your team like a real documentary would have
  • Recordings of dangerous paranormal activity

how to get spooktube views

Since content is king, you need to make sure that your viewers are satisfied by providing them with the most terrifying encounters. The scarier, the better. If it’s safe to do so, don’t head back when you simply spot something from afar. You may have to go further in to actually experience some of the jumpscares and scary encounters.

So, record things like creepy locations when you’re there, scary sounds, and of course, sightings of monsters. Things you can record that can bring in lots of views are — you getting chased, emoting while danger is lurking near you or after someone is attacked, your squad getting attacked or trapped, and even filming the ragdolls of dead teammates.

film friends getting trapped or killed in content warning to go viral

The next step to ensure you get more views in Content Warning is to actually become the content creator – so use the gear like a reporter mic, clapper, boom mic etc, to create engaging content in good quality. When you film an introduction before heading down, record a video of the monster, and give an outro when you’re safe outside, it is bound to get you more views and potentially go viral.

make an intro and outro to get more views in content warning

One of the best things about venturing into unknown paranormal territory is to collect items you find there.

So, if you end up seeing skulls and bones, pick them up and record yourself or your friend holding them. But be careful, things can go downhill pretty fast when you’re off-guard in the Old World.

go further in to find scary monsters

It can be tough to become famous with just the basic equipment, so make sure to invest in better ones from the shop and use Emotes to make the whole experience more entertaining. As a rule, just remember this — the more scary stuff you film, the more you go viral.

Lastly, if your team collects enough views in 3 days, you can have a successful SpookTube career! This was everything you can do to get more views in Content Warning game and go viral with friends.

Content Warning is playable on PC via Steam.

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