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How To Get Pizza In Palworld

Here's the recipe to cook Pizza as well as the ways to obtain the ingredients for it.

Pizza is one of the food items that you can cook in this game, and is described as “A dish made by piling red berries, tomato, and cheese on bread. Eating it slightly improves work speed and allows you to stay fuller for slightly longer for a period of time.” Plus, it will give a SAN increase as well, so it’s pretty useful. If you’ve seen a friend prepare this item and want to craft yourself a slice too, then here are the ingredients and structures you need to get Pizza in Palworld.

How to Get Pizza in Palworld?

To get Pizza, you have to cook it with the help of an Electric Kitchen. This gets unlocked at Level 41 and requires 3 Technology Points. Note that you also need the Power Generator to use the Electric Kitchen.

How to Craft an Electric Kitchen

electric kitchen in palworld
Electric Kitchen

Here are the materials you require:

  • Refined Ingot x30: Refined Ingots can be crafted from 2 Ore and 2 Coal and obtained from an Improved Furnace that is unlocked at Level 34.
  • Circuit Board x5: With 4 Pure Quartz and 2 Polymer, you can create a Circuit Board. The Technology you need is Production Assembly Line and Production Assembly Line II which can be obtained at Level 35.
  • Charcoal x20: Charcoal can be created with the help of 2 Wood and a Primitive Furnace which unlocks at Level 10.
  • Flame Organ x5: This can be obtained as drops from Fire Pals such as Arsox, Foxsparks, Flambelle, Blazamut, Pyrin, Ragnahawk, Jormuntide Ignis, Reptyro and more.

Once all of this is done, you are ready to cook Pizza in Palworld, with the following ingredients:

  • 2 Milk
  • 2 Red Berries
  • 1 Flour
  • 2 Tomato

How to Get Milk

Milk is a drop of the Pal called Mozzarina and if you wish to keep farming Milk from it, you can capture some and keep them in your Ranch.

mozzarina palworld map location
Mozzarina map location

How to Get Red Berries

Red Berries can be collected from bushes in the wild, and it’s also received as drops from certain Pals like Cattiva and Caprity.

How to Get Flour

Players will have to make Flour; starting with x3 Wheat seeds that are dropped from Dinossom. You can also buy them from Wandering Merchants in exchange for Gold.

dinossom map location
Dinossom map location

Now that you have 3 Wheat Seeds, and hopefully x35 Wood and x35 Stone, you can unlock the Wheat Plantation Technology at Level 15. You can use it to grow wheat and use Pals who have skills specific to Gathering, Planting, and Watering work suitability.

How to Get Tomato

Similar to Wheat Seeds, you need Tomato Seeds to grow Tomatoes. And yes, you need the Tomato Plantation Technology for it which unlocks at Level 32.

To craft a Tomato Plantation, you need x5 Pal Fluids, x70 Wood, x50 Stone, and x3 Tomato Seeds.

And after all of this resource collection and crafting, you will be able to get Pizza in Palworld. For more such crafting and Pal breeding guides, be sure to explore our Palworld section on Gaming Inbox.

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